Lease-to-Own At Goedeker's

Checking Out with Zibby

In the checkout, click the Zibby payment option. After that, here's what happens:
  1. Apply. Fill out a simple, two-minute application.
  2. Instant Decision. Receive a decision within minutes of completing your application.
  3. Complete Your Transaction. Make your first payment and submit your order

Paying for Your Product

  • During the checkout process, you will make your first payment.
  • After that, you have 90 days to pay it off same as cash.

Three Payment Options

If you don't pay off your purchase in the first 90 days, you have three payment options:
  1. Pay Monthly. After 18 payments, the customer owns the product(s). The first payment is paid during checkout and the rest are withdrawn automatically from the account you used during the checkout process.
  2. Purchase. The products may be purchased at any time for a depreciated price.
  3. Return It. In the first 30 days, Goedeker's return Policy applies. After 30 days, you can return the products to Zibby, normal wear-and-tear accepted.
Lease-to-Own at Goedeker's with Zibby