7 Reasons to Buy a Sofa Bed

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Sofa beds, or sleeper sofas as some may call them, receive a lot of flak in the furniture world. But just because they don’t work for everyone doesn’t mean they don’t work for anyone. A sleeper sofa can be a great piece of furniture to have in your home because it is so versatile. Here are seven reasons to consider buying a sofa bed.

1. A sleeper sofa functions as two pieces of furniture – a couch and a bed. If you live in a small space or want an area to be multi-functional, a sofa bed can be a great option. Have a comfortable place for guests to sit while entertaining and a place to sleep when they decide to spend the night. It’s a win for everyone.

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2. Sofa sleepers are major space savers. If you live in a small studio or one bedroom apartment, a sofa sleeper can be the perfect option for you to have your own bed, but also entertain friends without the worry of them having a place to sit. Just fold the springs back up and set the cushions in their place. Toss some throw pillows in the corners and no one will know otherwise.

3. They come in sectionals and loveseats. You’re not just stuck with a plain couch when choosing a sofa bed. There are all kinds of options! A sectional sleeper sofa gives ample seating and a queen size bed to sleep on. Loveseat sleepers offer twin-size bed accommodations, and standard couches typically have full-size beds inside.

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4. Sofa beds save money. You may pay a little more for a sofa bed than you would for a singular bed or couch, but you definitely won’t pay more than you would for those two pieces separately. Because you’re purchasing two items in one, you shave off costs. Plus, having a sofa bed means you can have a one bedroom home rather than a two bedroom. Your living room becomes your guest room. The price of your rent/mortgage is going to drop, all because you chose to buy a sleeper sofa!

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5. Sleeper sofas are better than futons. If you often have guests looking for a place to stay the night, what would you rather them sleep on? A futon or sofa bed? We think we know the answer.

6. Sofa beds are hassle-free. What is the maintenance of a sofa bed? To prep the bed for use, simply remove the cushion and pull up on the spring mattress. Sheets and a light blanket can be left on the mattress, so the bed is near ready when you set it up.

7. Sofa beds are easier to move than traditional beds. First, you have one piece to move, rather than several different pieces of furniture. Pushing a queen sleeper sofa around is sure to be simpler than a queen-sized bed, especially if you have sliders underneath. You’ll never have to call in backup when you want to rearrange your furniture.

With the minimalist lifestyle trending, purchasing a new sleeper sofa is a smart move. Their functionality is versatile and their styling smart. You can’t deny the statement one would make in your home. Plus, the comfort and reliability factors of sofa sleepers have come a long way since the 80’s. Check out our online furniture store to find a sofa bed that works for you!

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