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What You Need for Your Furbabies

Our pets are so much more than animals to care for. They benefit our health by reducing stress, allowing us to work out our awkward social abilities and convincing us to exercise, even if that is to run and catch them from doing something they shouldn’t. Our pets deserve to be spoiled from time to time in thanks for being our companions for their entire lifetimes. Goedeker’s can help you do just that.

We carry just about any kind dog bed you and your dog could ever want. If you are looking to particularly pamper your pet there are comfy igloo beds, orthopedic beds for older or chronically ill pets, cold pads that cool your dog down in the summer, and heating pads and beds to keep them warm in the winter. Whatever you choose we are sure your pets will be adorably grateful.

A happy cat is either a cat who is eating, frantically playing, or sleeping, MAYBE snuggling. Keep your cat happy and pleased with an adventurous cat tree. You can have your very own catmandu for your current or future furry friends; keeping them happy, curious, active, comfortable, and you COULD technically feed them, covering almost all points of utmost kitty contentment.

Bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, rats and more of our smaller furry crew are sometimes confined to enclosures that are basic cages or tanks. While there is nothing wrong with that, we carry awesome small animal hutches where you can create a sumptuous habitat where they can burrow, tunnel, hide, and run around and you get to watch all of it from the windows.