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Soothe those Aches and Be Healthy

A wood fire powered hot tub is the minimal money saving get back to nature option that many people have been looking for in the “simplify your life” movement. You still get the luxury and comfort of relaxing in a quality hot tub, but can save hundreds of dollars a year in water and electric bills. The process takes a bit longer than the touch of a button, but let’s be honest, after the Zombie outbreak, you are still going to want to relax in the safety of your compound and there probably won’t be electricity to power hot tub, and honestly it may be your easiest option to have hot water. In all seriousness, though, if you want to have an experience in which you can really slow down, relax, and take in nature, and Alfie-Fire Hot tub is your port key.

If you are looking to work out your lower half in the pool but need a bit of help, the water walker by Aqua, is a very helpful tool. This product is perfect for those who are undergoing physical therapy and are trying to practice your exercises from home or the community pool. Even if you don’t need it, it is a helpful floatation device for anyone of any age and ableness.