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Outdoor Heating

Play Outside Longer with a Heater

For those who live in cooler climates and those who get to experience cold winters, the yard may be a place only to hang out in when building snowmen or having a snowball fight. With outdoor heaters you can bring the party back outside, or at the very least have a place to warm up while playing in the snow.

There is nothing like sitting around a fire with a pumpkin flavored treat or great cider drink during the fall. Do this in style with our lovely patio fire pit tables. They can even become an impressive conversation piece while keeping you toasty.

If you aren’t the sit around a fire type but still want to keep warm in style while outside in the cold, we offer some awesome patio heaters, similar to ones you may have seen on outdoor patios at restaurants, cafes, and clubs. Options include standing patio heaters, or mounted patio heater. They will keep you comfortable and cozy in your yard, while adding a touch of style.