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Sometimes we decorate our yards to make a statement, a way of showing off who we are and our distinctive personalities. Sometimes we decorate to celebrate and show how much we enjoy a certain holiday. Many times we decorate our yards simply to make them as pleasing to our eyes as possible so that we may have our own personal real life happy place to relax and play in. Whatever your motivation, rest assured that you can easily beautify your outdoor space with all the different kinds of décor one could want for at Goedeker’s.

Birds can see color much more vibrantly than humans. In fact they have the ability to see UV light, making everything to them so much brighter than to us. So it would make sense that they would be attracted to vivid colors. Our selection of blue color bird baths would probably look like they were glowing to a bird, attracting more to your yard and allowing you to check off more types in your bird watching ledgers.

Pinwheels are a type of whirligig which is a wonderful word that one should use more often. Pinwheels have been popular toys for children for a long time and they came into fashion as use of décor and weather vanes in the 18th century in America. It is easy to see why, these wind powered whimsical beauties are eye catching as well as mesmerizing.

Speaking of something that has been in use for centuries, the Gazing Globe was once a piece of art décor that was designated for royalty. They became super popular in America during the 1930’s and 40’s making them something that was no longer an expensive object owned only by the most powerful and wealthy. When you decorate your yard with one or a few, or even many, you will come to understand why these works of art have been so popular off and on over hundreds of years.