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Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall Oven Image

When choosing the right oven for your kitchen, there are many factors that should be considered. Size, features, and style all need to be well thought-out before making a purchase. Please use this handy buyer's guide from Goedeker's to better educate yourself on all the different factors that contribute to the purchase of a new oven.

Types of Ovens

Oven Types

Electric Oven

The electric wall oven is standard in many kitchens that use electricity as a power source over gas. These ovens can come in single or double configurations and use two heating elements to provide heat, one on the bottom and one on the top of the oven. The most common fuel type is electric, but several gas ovens are also available.

Gas Oven

The gas wall oven is standard in kitchens that use natural gas as the main power source to power appliances and cook food. These ovens can come in single or double configurations and use open flame burners at the bottom of the oven to provide heat.

Liquid Propane Wall Ovens

Liquid Propane Wall Ovens is another popular fuel type, though not as common as natural gas.

Dual Fuel Wall Ovens

Dual Fuel Wall Ovens give the ultimate in fuel flexibility.

Main Features of Ovens

Number of Compartments

Wall Oven Compartments
  • Single Oven – A single wall oven has one main compartment for cooking.
  • Double Oven – A double wall oven has two compartments for cooking.
  • Combination Oven – This type is a wall oven with a microwave on top, a combo which provides two cooking compartments that have different features and functions.
  • ADA Compliant Wall Ovens – These wall ovens ensure safety and ease of use for anyone with disabilities.

Temperature Settings

Wall Oven Temperature Settings

Several different settings are available in order to provide the most customization while cooking or baking. Here are a few examples of some common settings:

  • Broil
  • Roast
  • Pizza
  • Pie
  • Keep warm
  • My favorite
  • Proof

Oven Controls

Wall Oven Controls

Oven controls feature a variety of functions and are created to be easy to use. Display panels are designed for readability. Here are a few common oven controls:

  • Electronic clock
  • Timer
  • Add-a-minute
  • Delay start

Touchpad controls may replace the dial controls on ranges and ovens for a fresh modern look. Control lockout is a safety feature that appears on some models which gives you the ability to keep children from turning the oven on or off.

Other Features to Consider When Shopping

Feature Things to Consider
Convection Convection ovens are preferred by professional cooks as they use fans to circulate hot air around food for faster and more even cooking. Some convection ovens have a third heating element around the fan in the rear for even faster cooking. Many standard ovens include a convection feature for baking, broiling, or browning.
Temperature Management System Temperature management technology assists in even heat distribution. Sensors monitor the oven temperature to provide the optimal amount of heat. This makes for more uniform baking and browning. Even on multiple racks, temperature management technology helps keep cooking and baking consistent.
Drawers An oven you purchase may include a drawer which holds a microwave, a broiler compartment, a warming compartment, or may simply provide extra storage space.
Color The most popular oven colors are stainless steel and black, but white and bisque are often available for purchase as well.
Oven Window Some oven doors have a window within the door. This window may be tinted or clear. Clear windows give the ability to view food cooking without having to open the door and release heat.
Recessed Oven Door This type of door is designed to reduce heat exposure to surrounding cabinets to avoid discoloration.
Oven Racks Racks are metal grates that give the ability to place food at different positions in the oven for optimal cooking. Noting the number of racks an oven includes is important when shopping. Some ovens have a large enough capacity that you can purchase additional racks and use them without any difficulty.
Self-Clean These models have a setting which cleans the interior of the oven after cooking.
Interior Lighting Lights inside the oven help you more easily see your food cooking.
Hidden Bake Element The bake element is covered in the oven to make cleaning easier.
Sabbath Mode This feature is available on select models and is in keeping with kosher practices during the Sabbath.