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How to Shop Online for a Mattress

As anyone who has slept on a bad mattress can tell you, picking the right mattress is extremely important. Goedeker's offers tools to help you buy your new mattress online.

Follow these steps to sleep better!

  1. Decide your comfort level. Mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels. You can read about the different comfort levels in our Expert Mattress Shopper guide. Choose between Firm, Plush, Pillow Top/Euro Top or Memory Foam mattresses, and you’ll be on your way to better sleep.
  2. Decide your brand. While this step may not be important to some, others may come into mattress shopping with a specific brand in mind.
  3. Decide your size. Don't worry you are almost done and this is the easy part. Just select the size that you want. If the size you have now is working for you, why fix what isn't broken? However, if you are looking for something bigger or smaller to suit your needs, then we’ll be sure to help.
  4. Mattress Size Guide

    Typically for children or a guest room, Twin Mattresses are the smallest size available. They are single beds that are suitable for small rooms.

    Twin XL Mattresses are an extra 5 inches longer than the standard. These mattresses are traditionally found in college dorms.

    A Full Mattress is 15 inches wider than a twin. It does not, however, provide a sufficient amount of space for two people. Consider this bed for older children or a guest room.

    The XL stands for extra long in the Full XL Mattress. Suitable for a single sleeper who may need extra leg room.

    Queen Mattresses are the most popular size, offering more space in width and length than the Full. They provide enough room for two individuals.

    The King Mattress is most befitting for couples who enjoy the most sleeping space. These mattresses are almost the same size as two Twin XL. Also, known as the Eastern King.

    For those who prefer more length, the California King Mattress is 4 inches narrower than the king, but 4 inches longer; making it the longest mattress possible (with the exception of the new Athletic King Mattress). This mattress size is great for adjustable beds.

    Mattress Sizes

Expert Mattress Shopper

Visit our Expert Mattress Shopper to learn more about how mattresses are constructed and the brands available at Goedeker's.