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Quality Furniture for your Classroom

Complete your pre-school or elementary school classroom through our variety of classroom furniture at Goedeker’s. We have what you need for storage solutions, tables, chairs, white and chalk boards and more!

Storage solutions are a key component within the class room. You need easy access organized storage solutions. Our folding cubbies are easy to use for adults and children and will help you teach children how to clean up after themselves. We also have storage shelves in which you can put the cubbies as well as books, toys, and art supplies.

If you need an extra white or chalk board, or are looking for personal sized boards for the children in your class, Goedeker’s has what you are looking for. Our selection of boards also include big book stands that double as boards and easels as well!

When nap time comes you don’t have to worry about anyone complaining they are uncomfortable with our selection of cots and mats for kids. Some mats double as play or tumble mats as well so you get many functionalities in one.