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Goedeker's Expert Mattress Shopper

With years of selling mattresses online, Goedeker's is a mattress expert, and we are happy to help you find the perfect mattress at the perfect price! You too can become a mattress expert after reading our guide. Once complete, click here to open the Expert Mattress Comparison Guide to shop, compare, and save!

3 Steps to better sleep!

  1. Decide your comfort level. Mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels. Choose between Firm, Plush, Pillow Top/Euro Top or Memory Foam and you’ll be on your way to better sleep.
  2. Decide your brand. While this step may not be important to some, others may come into mattress shopping with a specific brand in mind.
  3. Decide your size. Don't worry, you are almost done, and this is the easy part. Just select the size that you want. If the size you have now is working for you, why fix what isn't broken? However, if you are looking for something bigger or smaller to suit your needs, then we’ll be sure to help.

Comfort Levels

Comfort Levels
  • Firm mattresses provide the best mattress support but also have the least amount of “give.” Firm mattresses are typically recommended for people that sleep on their stomach or back, as the mattress assists in keeping your body straight. Shop all firm mattresses »
  • Plush mattresses contain up to 4 more inches of foam than firm mattresses do. This means that plush mattresses offer more “give” and can help give you that sinking feeling. These mattresses are great for side and back sleepers but may not provide enough support for those that sleep on their stomachs. Shop all plush mattresses »
  • Pillow Top mattresses are the softest available mattresses. The top of the mattress contains an attached padding that acts much like a pillow, hence the name. Pillow Tops are perfect for those who use mattress pads on their mattresses to make them softer. There is no pad necessary on Pillow Tops. Like Plush mattresses, Pillow Tops are perfect for side and back sleepers. Shop all pillow top mattresses »
  • Euro Top mattresses are very similar to Pillow Tops, except they feature more top padding and offer a smoother top area. Shop all euro top mattresses »
  • Latex & Memory Foam - First developed for NASA, memory foam has made it into the home, becoming a wildly popular material for mattresses. It allows even distribution of body weight over the entire surface and can easily adapt to any movements made during sleep. Shop all memory foam mattresses »
    • Latex - Latex is a biodegradable, natural foam. It contours to your body’s shape while you sleep. It distributes your body weight across a wide area to help reduce pressure points that are the usual culprits for tossing and turning. Latex has an open cell formation which allows your body heat to dissipate for a cooler night’s sleep. The foam is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, mites, bacteria and other allergens. Also, the foam naturally reduces transfer of movement so that you are less likely to disturb your partner during sleep.
    • Memory Foam - Memory Foam, or Visco, is man-made and was developed by NASA. Memory Foam is similar to Latex; however, the microscopic memory pockets respond directly to your body heat and weight. This reaction creates a perfect contour to your body and helps align the sleep surface for great comfort. Memory foam eliminates the need to be turned, which lengthens the life of the mattress.

Components of a Mattress

Components of a Mattress
  • Upholstery Layers - The average mattress is about 14 inches high. The majority of this height is made up of the upholstery layers or padding, which include:
    • Several layers of foam of various types and thicknesses (i.e. memory foam, latex)
    • Man-made materials and natural fibers (i.e. wool, cashmere, silk)
    • Pillow topping for respective mattresses
    • Stain free and fireproof covers

    Mattresses have a minimum of 3 layers of upholstery, but there can be as many as 9. The more advanced mattresses that have high quality upholstery layers can be worth more than the innerspring and foundation together. So, the higher the quality of materials and the more layers the mattress has, the most expensive it is, but many would argue that they are noticeably more comfortable.

  • Innerspring Coil - This is the base of the mattress itself. This is not the boxspring or foundation. This part of the mattress supports and distributes your body weight by using metal coils. The coils can be made from a variety of materials, including tempered steel and titanium. Every manufacturer uses a different innerspring coil design. Across brands, the more coils in a bed does not necessarily mean a better mattress. However, you can compare coil count within brands. A mattress with a higher coil count than another mattress of the same brand implies a higher quality mattress and usually a higher price.
  • Boxspring/Foundation - A boxspring is the lower half of a mattress set. It is separate from the mattress itself and provides a base for the mattress. A true boxspring is made up of sturdy coils to act as shock absorbers. Like the innerspring coil, the boxspring helps to support and distribute force. This can greatly extend the life of your mattress. Foundations are similar to boxsprings but are either framed in solid wood or metal with no coils. They don’t "give" so as not to disturb your partner when you move. Foundations are firm and have no working parts to wear out like in a traditional boxspring.

Brands and Series

Series Description
Beautyrest Beginnings The Simmons Beautyrest Beginnings boasts the AllerCare feature, which is designed to repel indoor allergens to help your kids sleep easier in a healthy environment.
Beautyrest Recharge The Beautyrest Recharge line has some of the most comfortable spring mattresses on the market because of the luxurious fabrics used in its BeautyStyle construction.
Beautyrest Recharge The Beautyrest Recharge line has some of the most comfortable spring mattresses on the market because of the luxurious fabrics used in its BeautyStyle construction.
Beautyrest Elements The Simmons Beautyrest Elements Mattress Express Pack Plush has all the benefits of Beautyrest in a more convenient package.
Beautyrest Recharge World Class Every mattress in the Beautyrest Recharge World Class line comes with the NEW 900 Density Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology. This technology aligns the coils to provide individualized back support so you can wake up feeling refreshed.
Beautyrest TruEnergy Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy mattresses have AirCool memory foam to ensure maximum airflow.
BeautySleep The Simmons BeautySleep mattresses have the Simmons Edge Support System. This gives you more usable sleep surface than mattresses without it. This means that you have more room to stretch throughout the night.
Comfortpedic from Beautyrest Simmons has revolutionized the memory foam mattress industry by minimizing the "sunken" feeling.

Low Prices and Our Guarantee

Goedeker’s is proud to offer our customers low prices on our mattresses which include free delivery and removal of your old mattress. Also, with our 100 day Comfort Guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best sleep of your life. Call us today, 1-888-768-1710, and speak with our knowledgeable Customer Service Staff or click here to start shopping.