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Once you have your major appliances for your kitchen it’s time to focus on the smaller ones. Coffeemakers, microwaves, blenders, toasters, these are all appliances most of us use in our daily life. Goedeker’s has a large collection of smaller appliances to fit your wants and needs.

Bring the coffee shop with you to enjoy delicious professional-like drinks in the comfort of your own home with an espresso-machine. Treat yourself every morning with your favorite drink and avoid the morning rush.

Do you regularly host parties or get togethers? Are your children often having their friends over for dinner or having sleep overs? Sometimes you need to make a lot of food and not everything gets done at once, or not everyone is ready to eat. For large quantities like this, a warming oven is a great extra appliance to have in your home, and we carry a variety of sizes and styles to match the current finishes of your kitchen.

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. We can often have it for times we weren’t even born in or remember. That wistful desire to visit the past, or at least have something that reminds you of it is universal. It is possible to have this feeling fulfilled. At Goedeker’s we want to help you fulfill your nostalgia with our retro-appliance section. Here you will find things that look as if they are from a bygone era, but they are equipped with modern technology, so you can experience the past without sacrificing the conveniences we are used to.