Independence Day Appliance and Furniture Deals

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On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed. This symbolized the choice of the colonists to break free from British rule. It was a scary decision, but John Hancock and the 55 other delegates had faith that their fledgling nation would pull through.

While this is important and worth celebrating, over the years Independence Day has become more of a time to generally display pride for your country. It is a chance to showcase what America is all about – liberty, opportunity, patriotism, family ties, and throwing a spectacular party.

So fire up the grill and light the fireworks, because Goedeker’s is joining in on the fun with our Fourth of July Deals!

When shopping through our online store, expect to find great savings on select appliances and home furnishings. Discovering discounts on that new french door refrigerator you’ve been eyeing or that perfect set of furniture for your living room could give you one more reason to celebrate!

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