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Our removal services are for items similar to what you purchased, within reason. For example, if you purchased a freestanding range, the removal service will be for removal of the same type of unit. Additional charges may apply for built-in appliances. Appliance removal may not be available in various areas due to regulations. Appliance will be removed from the home’s threshold; additional floors or areas may require additional fees.

Please Note:

-Appliances must be unplugged from electrical source, water source and gas source and located at threshold of residence.

-Removal does not include disconnecting the old unit.

-Removal does not included recycling of the old unit.

-Inside Delivery or Inside Delivery with Installation is required to add removal of old appliance.

-Removal services are not available in all locations.

-Relocation of appliances within the home is not included.

-Removal does not include uninstalling of the old unit

For more information regarding haul away contact us at 1-888-768-1710.