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Furniture Glossary

Confused about all of the terms that come into play when shopping for home furnishings? Goedeker's has you covered. We've created this handy glossary to help you understand the different styles and features of whatever piece of furniture you plan to purchase.



Accent furniture - Any type of furniture meant to complement the other furniture in the room; may be purely decorative or may have some practical use

Americana style - Style that is nostalgic and patriotic; characterized by rustic pieces, nautical elements, and a color palette of red, white, and blue

Applique - A small design applied to a larger surface to decorate it

Armoire - A freestanding cabinet or wardrobe that may be ornately designed; smaller models can store jewelry or clothes, while larger models may house entertainment systems

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Ball foot - A simple, round foot

Ball-and-claw foot - A foot that resembles an animal's claw grasping a ball; sometimes written as claw-and-ball foot

Beveled - A style featuring a slanted or sloped surface or edge

Bombe chest - Short, squat style of chest that curves outward at the base

Buffet - A piece of furniture placed against the wall in a dining room that may feature shelves, drawers, or cupboards used for storage; sometimes topped with a hutch

Bun foot - A flattened ball foot

Bunk bed - One bed frame stacked on top of another to maximize floor space in a room

Burl - A tree knot that produces a patterned grain when sliced; used in inlays and veneers

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Cabriole leg - Furniture leg with a convex upper curve and concave lower curve

Canopy bed - Type of bed that features a post at each corner with some type of decorative fabric draped over them to create a canopy

Club foot - A variation of the pad foot with a more pointed toe

Coffee Table - Long, low table which is designed to be placed in front a sofa, to support beverages, magazines, and other decorative items

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Daybed - Type of bed that can also function as a sofa

Distressed - A style which aims to make a piece of furniture look aged, weathered, vintage, or antique

Dovetail - A style featuring interlocking notches

Drop-leaf - A hinged leaf on a table that can be raised to increase surface space or folded down when not in use

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Fluted - A style featuring shallow grooves or ridges

Four-poster bed - Type of bed that features four tall posts, one at each corner

Futon - Type of bed that features a thin mattress which can be placed on a metal frame, a wood frame, or the floor; may often double as a couch

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Hollywood Regency deco style - Style of furniture design which originated during the 1930's or what’s known as the golden age of Hollywood; characterized by generous use of color, classically-shaped furniture, and elements of fantasy and glamour

Hoof foot - A foot that resembles an animal's hoof

Hutch - A set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a buffet, desk, dresser, or other type of lower unit

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Inlay - A design or pattern embedded in a different material for decorative purposes

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Lacquered - A style featuring the use of a protective varnish covering

Laminate - Material which is a combination of wood fibers, plastics, and resin

Loft bed - Type of bed that is elevated and may feature a desk or storage underneath

Louis Philippe style - Style of furniture design which originated during the reign of King Louis Philippe of France; characterized by soft lines, little ornamentation, and use of darker woods

Loveseat - Type of couch that is smaller and meant to seat two people

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MDF - Medium-density fiberboard; wood fibers mixed with resin and wax

Melamine - Laminate covered in resin that makes it scratch and chip resistant, stain resistant, and easier to clean

Modern style - Style that has been recently popularized; characterized by subtlety, a neutral color palette infused with a few bold accents, and clean lines; sometimes used interchangeably with the term contemporary style

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Pad foot - A flat oval-shaped foot; similar to a club foot

Parquet - Style of veneer that features geometric designs

Platform bed - Type of bed that features a raised mattress supported by a platform; often includes storage drawers

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Queen Anne style - Style of furniture design which originated during the reign of Queen Anne of Britain; characterized by minimal ornamentation, emphasis of the material, and curved lines

Queen Anne style leg - Cabriole leg which most commonly ends in a pad foot; also may end in a club, hoof, or trifid foot

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Scalloped - A style featuring the use of semi-circles

Sectional - Type of sofa formed from multiple sections that can be pushed together in different configurations; often used to wrap around walls

Sleigh bed - Type of bed that features a curved headboard and footboard which make it resemble a sleigh

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Tapered - A style featuring a gradual diminishing in thickness at one end

Traditional style - Style that is very commonly seen; characterized by predictable organization, matching pieces, and a focus on functionality; sometimes used interchangeably with the term classic style

Transitional style - Style that is a combination of modern and traditional elements; characterized by a mix of masculine and feminine design attributes, a focus on comfort and simplicity, and a clean color palette

Trifid foot - A three-toed foot resembling an animal's paw; sometimes called a drake foot

Trundle bed - Type of bed that is slightly smaller, mounted to casters or rollers, and stored underneath a larger bed

Turned - A specific style of foot or leg carved by rotating the piece of wood on a lathe; may have intricate designs involving round or blocky shapes

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Veneer - A thin layer of fine wood covering an inferior material for decorative purposes

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