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Earth Day Savings

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Conservation and protection of the environment is very important. That is why Earth Day is annually recognized in nearly 200 countries across the globe on April 22. Some communities even celebrate Earth Week, a full seven days’ worth of activities and events about environmental issues.

At Goedeker’s, protecting this planet we share is a high priority to us. Because of this, we strive to make an enormous selection of energy efficient appliances and ventilation systems available to our customers. These products are certified by Energy Star, a voluntary program through the Environmental Protection Agency that aims to protect the climate and help consumers save money on their energy bills.

While you are shopping, make sure to check the rebates page, as some of our Energy Star appliances have additional discounts available. Here at Goedeker’s, we want to better enable you to buy products that are environmentally friendly. We also want to help increase your savings as much as possible, both on the purchase itself and long-term.