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Ancient Greeks and Romans were among the first to create comfortable pillows that were also beautifully and intricately embroidered for decoration. Skilled pillow embroiders were highly valued in society and highly decorated pillows became prized possessions in China, Persia and later on in Medieval Europe. In many cases only the very wealthy or those high in power had decorative pillows.

Today you don’t have to be royalty or rich to have beautiful pillows accent your home and business. Goedeker’s has the variety and quality to aid you in your décor quest.

There are a host of beautifully decorative pillows available online to enhance your home. Check out our selection of outdoor pillows that also don’t skip on gorgeousness or comfort! These sections of indoor/outdoor pillows are bright, simply decorated and guaranteed to add comfort and a sense of style both in your home or business, and in your outdoor space.

If you need a few throw blankets to help build that epic fort or curl up on the couch with the family for a movie or tv show, we carry the brand VHC that combines comfort and warmth that is also visually pleasing to the eye.