Columbus Day Appliance and Furniture Sale

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While it is referred to by many different names, the day Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas is celebrated annually by several nations around the world. We call it Columbus Day in the United States, but it is Discovery Day in the Bahamas and Día de la Raza (or Day of the Race) in many Latin American countries.

We have come a long way since Columbus's voyage. Our nation has grown and changed tremendously over the centuries. On the second Monday in October every year, we remember one important journey that influenced it all.

We have accomplished so much more than just expanding our country. We've invented useful appliances that are normal fixtures in our everyday lives. We've developed technology that solves a host of common problems and dilemmas. And don't forget that lovely thing called indoor plumbing!

Come celebrate with Goedeker's this Columbus Day through discounts on the massive selection of appliances and home furnishings we offer through our online store.

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