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Office Solutions: Choosing A Computer Desk

desk buying guide

Most of us can agree that the most important aspect of an office is the computer desk. A desk anchors the room, serves as a focal point, and can be a piece of art within itself. Whether you work from home or in an office, or your desk is used to pay bills and keep files organized, it’s clear that having the right style and functionality is important. When choosing a desk for your office, keep these things in mind.

Types of Desks

There are numerous styles of desks to choose from, so understanding what each type looks like is helpful when choosing.

L-Shaped Desks L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks tend to be larger than traditional desks. They work well for those who need space to write and work on a computer. They are versatile in their placement and come in many sizes.

Writing Desks Writing Desks

Writing desks are excellent for people who need a space to pay bills and manage their paper files. They also work well for laptop users. They are not built for desktop computers.

Wall Mounted Desks Wall Mount Desks

Wall mount desks are the ultimate space savers. They look sleek and smooth against the wall, but you’ll need to know where the wall studs are before installing.

shop credenzas Credenzas

Credenzas are used to provide additional storage and desktop space. They are placed against a wall, and often times, another desk is placed perpendicular to it.

shop corner desks Corner Desks

Corner desks are good for small spaces. They can offer adequate room for a desktop computer or laptop, and typically come with some storage space.

shop secretary desks Secretary Desks

Secretary desks work well when you need a desk to do two jobs. It can work as a simple storage space or a writing/work desk

Rectangular Computer Desks

Rectangular Computer Desks are a very common and popular desk type. These shapes fit perfectly in a corner to optimize space, or centered in the middle of an office space as the main attraction.

Pedestal Computer Desks

Pedestal Computer Desks can be a bold choice for the those who want a distinctive look. This desk traditionally comes with drawers on one (or both) side(s) for additional storage below.

U-Shaped Computer Desks

U-Shaped Computer Desks provide an outstanding amount of work space, allowing maximum organization of documents all within reach. Typically requires more space than an average desk.

Compact Computer Desks

Compact Computer Desks save space and still make an excellent work station. Perfect for small spaces such as dorms, and apartments.


Another important aspect when shopping for a desk is the style. Depending on your personality, having a trendy or stylish workstation may be a priority for you. Just as you consider the shape and type of desk you want, consider the material and color as well. If you like a clean, modern design, you’ll want less material. If you want your desk to look classic, a larger, grand desk may serve you better.

vibrant wood grain

Some desks have a vibrant wood grain and look natural. They can be vintage, contemporary, or casual.

Modern desks

Modern desks tend to have metal integrated into the design. Lines are clean and metal may be used for the legs or knobs.

Contemporary desks

Contemporary styled desks are much like modern desks in style. They tend to give the room a cleaner, open feeling.

Vintage desks

Vintage desks are created to look older, as if from a simpler time. Some are elegant with curved lines and molding, while others look simple and like reclaimed wood.

Metal Computer Desks

Metal Computer Desks are a stunning choice for those with modern tastes. These desks ensure longevity due to their durable make-up.

Plastic/Acrylic Computer Desks

Plastic/Acrylic Computer Desks are durable and provide a sleek, fresh look. Looking for something modern, but doesn't take up a lot of space? Consider a Plastic/Acrylic Computer Desk.

Glass Computer Desks

Glass Computer Desks are beautiful and functional. This classic desk exudes sophistication and class like no other.

Transitional Computer Desks

Transitional Computer Desks are a marriage between traditional and modern furniture styles. These desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are multifunctional.

Traditional Computer Desks

Traditional Computer Desks have a classic look and serve as incredible work stations. You can never go wrong with a traditional style that has endured the test of time.

Rustic Computer Desks

Rustic Computer Desks provide homespun charm as well as function. Beautiful woods embodying nature and earth tones, this desk is for a more rugged appeal.

Cottage Computer Desks

Cottage Computer Desks transform boring offices into outstanding work spaces. With both colorful and natural hues, it's the perfect addition to the office, or corner office space in the household.


Size is an important when choosing a new computer desk for your work or home office. If your office space is small, you will want a smaller, contemporary or modern style of desk. If you have an overwhelming space, a large and heavy desk can act as an anchor and statement piece. Remember to take measurements of the space and desk to ensure it will fit properly.

Choosing the right computer desk for your office should be enjoyable. Follow these tips to ensure all your bases are covered and that everything will fit properly. The best part is looking at all your options and choosing a desk that accentuates who you are as a person and allows you to work with efficiency and effectiveness.