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Buying an Indoor vs. Outdoor Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge (pronounced like the word chase) is a furniture piece most people wouldn’t equate with necessity. Like an accent chair, a chaise is purchased to complete a space or pull a room together. Don’t misconstrue that with their ability to be functional. Many people purchase chaises with a specific purpose in mind.

The term chaise was derived from France and meant little more than “long chair.” Therefore, you will see many different styles of chaise lounges. The changes are considerably noticeable when you compare an indoor chaise lounge to an outdoor chaise. Of course, each chaise has a purpose that can vary upon room and placement, but more often than not, it’s simply a place to lounge.

Buying an Indoor Chaise Lounge

Choose a style that complements the room. Because there are so many variations of chaises, from vintage and classy to modern, you want to pick a piece that adds to the current style of your space, not distracts from it. Common styles: Contemporary Chaise Lounges, Traditional Chaise Lounges, and Transitional Chaise Lounges.

Size matters. You probably won’t run into this problem when buying an outdoor chaise, but you don’t want to pick something that will be swallowed up by the room or overburden a small area.

Fabric makes a statement. A leather chaise looks high end and may suit a den or library better than a bedroom. An upholstered lounge looks comfortable and homey, but a bold color might work better in the family room, while a subdued tone is fit for a master suite. Choose from various patterns and designs to add some flavor to your piece. Many types of chaise lounge fabrics: Leather Chaise Lounges, Faux Leather Chaise Lounges, Fabric Chaise Lounges, Polyester Chaise Lounges, Microfiber Chaise Lounges, and Velvet Chaise Lounges.

Frame materials set the tone. Find the most outstanding chaise lounges made out of incredible materials: Wooden Chaise Lounges, Metal Chaise Lounges, and Wicker/Rattan Chaise Lounges.

Choose accessories that accentuate the chaise. A cold dark surface like brown leather would benefit from a soft throw blanket or accent pillow. Find an end table that can be functional and attractive.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Chaise for Your Space

Find the purpose and placement for your outdoor lounge before considering anything else. Is this lounge for laying out in the sun or under an awning or patio umbrella? Will it be within a screened area or out in the elements? Will it be near a pool or in a grassy area? Ask yourself these questions first.

Choose a durable material. Once you’ve decided where your lounge will be located, you will need to choose an appropriate material. Some options, like polywood and resin were designed just for the outdoors. They are resilient and withstand harsh weather. Metal is another sturdy material, but may need upkeep. Wicker is a favorite for many, but will not withstand the test of time outdoors. This is better for indoor patio areas where it can stay protected.

Choose your lounge cushion. If your lounge will be in the elements, it needs to be mildew-resistant and fast drying. Some cushions are UV resistant and stay cool to the touch. Of course, you also want the cushion to match your style, whether it’s flamboyant tropical flowers or a solid color. You could even add an extra pillow for flair.

Find a lounge with a multi-position back. What good is an outdoor chaise lounge if you cannot adjust the back of it? This is essential if you want to enjoy using your lounge. Ensure it has a range of movements that fit your body’s needs before purchasing.

As you can see, buying chaises for the indoors and outdoors have some similarities, but also some major differences. Use this informative buying guide to help you pick the perfect lounge for any room in your house, as well as outdoors. Own the space and trust your instincts, and you’re sure to love your purchase.