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Whirlpool strives to bring unique, innovative finishes to the appliance marketplace. If you’re interested in going beyond a standard stainless steel finish with your next kitchen redesign, explore these unique takes on classic kitchen colors without sacrificing the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from Whirlpool.

Popular Whirlpool Appliance Finishes

  • Black Stainless Steel – The rich, matte texture of this finish naturally resists fingerprints and smudges while the warm tone complements both bold and understated color schemes perfectly.

  • Sunset Bronze – Whirlpool’s newest color contribution is this rose gold inspired hue for a perfectly trendy style that shines like champagne.

  • Black Ice – Perfect as an addition to any kitchen with black appliances, this rich black finish accentuated with stainless steel handles and trim adds a modern touch to a contemporary kitchen.

  • White Ice – White appliances have been a fan favorite for as long as anyone can remember. This collection adds stainless steel details to the classic color adding professional edge to a bright and cheery design.

Shop Whirlpool Cabrio Washers and Dryers

Clothes are a constant expense and can be a huge budget breaker for growing families. It’s important to take care of the clothes you have and the Whirlpool Cabrio series works hard to keep clothes looking like new for longer than a standard washing system.

The key is the Cabrio’s incredibly gentle, but super effective agitatorless washing machines that use low profile impellers to rotate clothing through the spacious stainless steel drum during the wash cycle. Sweater snags and broken straps are a thing of the past with this system and clothing is actually moved more from the outside of the drum, to the center, and back again, for a deeper clean.

Learn More About Whirlpool

For over 100 years Whirlpool has remained committed to “Helping you create a better home & better life,” by manufacturing appliances that aid in making life easier. The brand has established itself as a catalyst for innovation and performance, developing technology that provides simple, smart refinements to everyday tasks. From their signature washers to refrigerators, cooktops, microwave ovens and more, you can depend on Whirlpool for the appliances you need.

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, rest assured that you are receiving quality along with an exceptional design that fits seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. Washers and dryers that keep clothes looking new, ranges and wall ovens that produce perfectly even results, and fridges that extend the life of your food. It’s in the details; Whirlpool has you covered.

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