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Outfit your kitchen with the dependable quality of Maytag laundry appliances. These washers and dryers are designed to complement modern and contemporary homes with innovative features that make doing the laundry a little less of a chore. With front load and top load models available, there is a Maytag laundry set perfect for any style and budget!

  • A unique PowerWash Cycle combines strategically released heated water with extra cleaning action to annihilate stains and smudges with just one wash.

  • Integrated steam options and cycles enhance the stain fighting power of Maytag washers, while sanitizing clothes and bedding for the ultimate clean.

  • Energy Star models are tough enough to tackle the dirtiest laundry while making your home a little more environmentally friendly at the same time.

  • Maytag dryers feature advanced moisture sensing that constantly checks the temperature and moisture levels of your load and stops the drying cycle automatically, eliminating the fear of over drying.

  • Wrinkle Prevent cuts ironing time in half by continuously tumbling clothes after the dry cycle is complete to stop wrinkles from forming before they start.

  • Combine the Rapid Wash cycle with the Rapid Dry cycle on smaller loads for clean laundry when you need it now.

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Learn More About Maytag Appliances

Dependability. That’s what you get when you purchase a Maytag Appliance. Tough and hardworking on the inside, this brand will work just as hard as you do as your supportive sidekick. Whether it means keeping your food fresh longer or aiding in getting dinner on the table sooner, Maytag refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwave ovens are sure to get the job done.

With over a century in the industry, the Maytag Man has been a symbol of dedication, quality, and incredible performance. Take a load off with an efficient washer and dryer pair, or confidently place your dirtiest dishes in the dishwasher for an exceptional clean. Know that your Maytag Appliance is devoted to the task at hand and sure to exceed your expectations.

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