What’s a Range? Are Ranges, Stoves, and Ovens the Same?

What's a Range

What’s a range? The cooking appliance called a range is more commonly called an oven or a stove. So, yes, an oven and a stove and a range are names for the same thing.

Why is an oven is called a range? Well, it turns out no one knows. However, both ovens and stoves have been called ranges since at least the mid 15 century.

Shopping for a New Range

When shopping for a new oven keep in mind that salesmen or product listings will refer to them as ranges.

It may be a simple thing, but there is a lot in a name. If you are searching on Google or on a retail website, calling a stove a range instead is very important.

Using the name “range” can help you find more valid results when searching since that is the name used in the appliance industry.

Kitchen Range Related Terms

In addition to the term range, the appliance industry uses a number of other terms related to them. Let’s take a look at some.

Convection Ranges
Conventional Ranges
Double Oven Ranges
Gas Ranges
Electric Ranges
Liquid Propane Ranges
Dual Fuel Ranges
Induction Ranges
Freestanding Ranges
Slide-In Ranges
Drop-In Ranges

More Cooking Range Features

Paying attention to the width of a range is very important. The most common size is the 30-inch range. Though, there are many other range sizes available as well.

Modern cooking ranges come in a variety of colors, but the stainless stain remains the most popular. However, if stainless steel is not your style, you have a lot of options. Red, green, purple, beige, yellow and more colors can be purchased from the major appliance brands.

Cooking Technology

Cooking technology has advanced a lot in the last few decades. It is common now for ranges to contain innovative features and incredible technology.

From even baking to controlling the range from your smartphone, always read up on the oven before you buy.

What’s a Range?

A range is the heart of your kitchen. No matter if you call it a range, a stove, or an oven, there is no escaping that.

If you are looking for a new oven, just know that there are certain terms you need to know and the main one is a range. you can find bestselling range models here.

Need more information on kitchen ranges? Check out our Range Buying Guide.

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