Absolutely Lovely Watercolor Walls

If you haven't heard of watercolor walls yet, consider this your lucky day! They are like nothing I've ever seen before, and the moment I discovered their beauty, I knew I had to share!

A wall painted with watercolors gives a room an entirely different feel. The color options are endless, and even typical, "boring" colors are eye-catching. For example, look at the two walls below. Simple grays and light browns flow together to make a gentle statement. It feels clean, elegant, and fresh.

Watercolour walls

Grey Watercolor Wall

How to Colorwash a Wall

You can create your own watercolor wall by colorwashing it. Colorwashing is the process of painting a wall with watercolors. Ehow.com has a helpful article on how to colorwash your own wall at home. However, if you're anything like me, and the thought of doing it yourself seems overwhelming, you can purchase a foolproof kit and watercolor supplies. It will walk you through the process, step by step.

Watercolor Wall with Sofa

Watercolor Wall

Watercolor Wall Murals

Watercolor walls can be vibrant and bright too! The two photos shown below are actually wall murals that can be pasted onto the wall. A lot of watercolor walls are murals that can be removed and placed elsewhere. While they can be expensive, you know you're purchasing the perfect look for your room. The first photo is a silhouette of the London skyline. Isn't it wonderful? This particular website also has murals of several other skylines, such as New York, Paris, and Berlin!

London Skyline Watercolor Mural

Bright and cheerful watercolor wall.

The Ombre Effect

Many of the watercolor walls I've seen have the ombre effect. Ombre is when one color fades into another. It tends to be gradual, though sometimes it can be a stark difference. Color boundaries are blurred to create a beautiful mess of contrasting shades. It doesn't matter how many colors you use. The options are limitless!

Ombre Murals Ombre Mural Colorful watercolor walls

 Create a Focal Point

A watercolor wall is more than your typical accent wall. It adds unique character. From the photos I've seen, these types of walls look best in homes with a modern, clean style in living rooms, bedrooms, and studios or offices. Though most of the walls shown here are abstract with no specific subject, a watercolor wall mural can be an intriguing way to accentuate your desires or hobbies.

For example, the image below shows an exceptional painting of the city of Paris - much different than the London skyline shown above. The watercolor face in the second image adds even more of an artistic element to an art studio.

Wall Mural of Paris WatercolorWatercolor mural, female face

So... If you are a fan of white walls, but are looking for a way to add incomparable character to your home, a watercolor wall might be exactly what you are looking for! Dedicating one wall to personal expression opens doors to artistic freedom. With so many colors, blends, and styles, there's sure to be something that fits your personality and matches your home decor.

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What do you think? Do you love the idea of having a watercolor wall in your home?

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