6 Experts Share Their Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen

6 Experts Share Their Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Here at Goedeker's, we constantly strive to provide you with reliable information that is relevant to all aspects of home life. Recently, we had the chance to chat with a few interior design experts and ask for their input on improving your kitchen design, and each one had a different piece of insight to share. Continue reading to check out what they had to say!


Kelly Morisseau

Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer


Not every product works in every kitchen, and not all products work well with each other.  

An undermount sink won't adhere well to the underside of a laminate counter. Some ovens vent in the wrong area, releasing steam and heat directly onto your cabinet doors. Some cooktops require deeper than average cabinets. Some stone counters require a lot of maintenance. Some hood vents are too big to be ducted out of the walls.

In short, almost nothing is “standard” anymore. Save yourself from expensive mistakes; read the specifications before you buy.

Don’t just select something because it’ll look nice.

A beautiful kitchen is something we all strive for, but it’s also a room where we work with high heat, water, and sharp instruments.  The products in this room will sustain more abuse than almost any other room in the home. Buy the best you can afford, especially if you’re planning to live in your home for some time. Kitchens are too expensive to be renovated every few years.


Fittings and Components for Office and Kitchen Furniture


kitchen fittings

At Eurofit Direct, we specialize in furniture fittings, which in the kitchen mean things like handles, drawer runners, hinges, and all the wirework you find in your cupboards.

When it comes to creating the perfect kitchen, it’s easy to think of the expensive things like doors and appliances – the things that cost the big money! You don’t tend to think of the little things that make the cupboards work – hinges and handles, for example.

modern kitchen

We have found that it is becoming more and more popular to look at high-end items like soft close hinges alongside touch-to-open adaptors for kitchen cupboards. These devices allow you to have a cupboard with no handles to give a modern, clean finish to your kitchen. All you have to do is push the door and it will open.  When you couple this with some soft close hinges you have an anti-slam action to allow the door to smoothly and quietly close itself.

Other fittings we are finding more popular in kitchens are recycling bins and storage shelves.  These simple devices allow you to make better use of the inside of cupboards and keep your perfect kitchen looking as clean and new for as long as possible.


Architecture and Modern Design Blog


Decoist kitchen island with extendable countertop

  1. Lighting is the defining factor of every interior, and when it comes to the kitchen perfect lighting is even more essential. While kitchen trends and hip colors keep changing seasonally, this is one aspect of kitchen design that is a constant. Plan for lighting in your kitchen right at the beginning and not when everything else is set and done. Combine task, ambient, and accent lighting in a balanced fashion to get the best of both aesthetics and ergonomics. Take into account natural light as well before sizing up the final picture. A well-lit kitchen is a room without dull corners or a flood of unnecessary light!
  2. Since most urban homes are short on space, smart storage solutions and multifunctional decor are trends that are here to stay. Try making the most of the vertical space that is offered in your kitchen and create a playful combination of open and closed shelves. This allows you to tuck away the mess even while creating a sense of openness. Space-saving solutions range from extendable dining tables and chopping boards that disappear into the kitchen island to hidden shelves and serving areas. Use these smart features to help keep clutter away.
  3. Design a kitchen for the ages. While this sounds contrary to the popular idea of simply following the trend, a timeless and quality kitchen will ensure you do not need a new accent color, backsplash, or a quick renovation once every few years. Since most homeowners do not want to spend too much time or money on regular revamps, stick to simple neutral shades, eco-friendly appliances that cut down power consumption, and a transitional style that is enhanced by smart accents. Remember that it is only the rich who can afford to buy cheap!

Gloria Graham Sollecito

AKBD Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer


Gloria Graham Sollecito kitchen design

Working for the last 20 years in kitchen design has taught me a thing or two. There is academic learning, which is certainly a great starting point, and then there is life in the field. Here are a few tips I can share with you from the front line:

The Kitchen Triangle refers to the points between the sink, refrigerator, and cooking surface, with each leg being at least 4' but no greater than 9' and the total distance being 13' to 26'. This has always been one of the first lessons in kitchen design and was the height of efficiency when it was developed in the 1940s, but just think how much our kitchens have changed since then! No longer are they just for cooking and dining. In addition, appliances have evolved and some, such as the microwave, have come into existence. Today we think in terms of work centers. The main ones are food prep, cooking, and clean up. These functions should have clearly defined spaces whenever possible. In most cases, this allows more than one person to function in the kitchen without getting in the way. Your clean up center, for example, could consist of the main sink flanked by dishwasher on one side and pull-out trash on the other. Incidentally, there is no correct side for the dishwasher and I like to let the client make that decision. The food prep area should be convenient to the refrigerator, and so on. You get the picture; it can be but it's not necessarily a triangle anymore.

The Truth About Storage is there is space and then there is accessible space. Sometimes it is not worth the extra expense of customization for a small triangle of space that you can't get to.

kitchen storage

The American Refrigerator is a beast and yes, in Europe, they actually refer to our standard 36" refrigerators as "American Refrigerators." That's just fine and we love 'em, but don't be caught unawares by just how big they are, specifically in depth. A standard fridge can be 33" deep, which means it will stick out a full 9" past standard 24"-deep cabinets! When you shop for refrigerators in an appliance showroom, this is not always apparent. When you get it home it becomes painfully apparent, so make sure you will have the depth you need and the clearances to open the doors properly before you buy.

Most kitchen designers are happy to help you with anything from just a consultation to a full-service kitchen remodel. It's safe to have a second professional opinion when investing in big-ticket kitchen purchases.

Kerrie Kelly

Founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, an interior design company


Kerrie Kelly Design Lab kitchen

Industrial Chic: The design industry has become a hotbed for reusing and repurposing items and found objects. With the renewed appreciation for both hand-forged items and pairing vintage ephemera with modern functionality, rust and patina have gone from con to pro in the kitchen arena.

Customized Pieces: From monogrammed islands to refrigerators that accept wall coverings, homeowners can easily make a space that is all their own. While in Milan, we found refrigerators that accept three different stylish patterns that can bring some zing to the kitchen, while others are offering faucet finishes in a variety of splashy colors. Recently at Dwell on Design, we also trend-spotted appliances that can be customized in your favorite hue from Dacor.

kitchen counter

Mixed Materials: From reclaimed wood with sleek solid surfaces to aged metals with high polished finishes, mixing and matching materials has never been more accepted. Warm modern looks are both sleek and inviting in kitchen and bath spaces.

Moveable + Convertible: Upper sliding cabinets and moveable island tops continue to be a show-stopper. With living spaces that blend into kitchen areas, the functional “hub of the home” can easily transition into a multifunctional living retreat. Armoire fronts simply slide in front or camouflage appliances while faucets collapse and remote island tops slide over a sink of dishes to create a new surface for entertaining.

Lakesha Rose

Founder of L Design Group, a lifestyle design company


When I have designed kitchens in the past, it is not the size of the kitchen that matters but the thought put into how it will be organized. This makes the biggest impact and will rival any kitchen twice the size.

You should think of breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, and entertaining. Section the kitchen off; it should move in the progression of the day. Cooking can become frustrating when you realize nothing is within an arm’s reach.

The best tip was what I did for myself in our first Chicago loft. My husband and I designed and constructed all the kitchen cabinets together. We entertain a lot, and one thing I knew I wanted for sure was a cabinet dedicated to my KitchenAid mixer. The mixer would be able to rise up from the lower cabinet to meet at countertop height. In our last home, I become frustrated having to drag it out of the pantry. When we made that change in the loft, I found myself using the mixer a lot more than I did before because I made it convenient.

If you enjoy entertaining, I would make sure to have a section in your kitchen for that. I suggest keeping platters, candle holders, wine chiller, glasses, wine opener, and so on in the same area.

So to avoid frustration in your kitchen that could cause you to no longer want to cook if you take a few extra moments to organize your kitchen in the progression of your day, your time in the kitchen will become thoughtless. You know you have a well-designed kitchen when you don't think about your movements and you just go through the motions.


I would like to thank these six for taking the time to share their expertise with our blog readers!


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