How to Choose the Right Sofa Upholstery

Furniture upholstery

Purchasing a sofa is a major investment for your home. Typically you’ll keep this piece of furniture for years, so it’s important to make an informed (and not impulse) decision when shopping for one. Choosing the right sofa upholstery is essential as it pertains to maintenance and getting the most of out your furniture.

One of the first things to consider is what is the primary use for the furniture? Will it be utilized daily in a family room? Do you have children or pets? Will you eat on it? Or will you have a formal living room that is more so for admiration, and rarely used? Determining light, medium, or heavy use will help you minimize your options to find the perfect one.

Couch upholstery


Typically color is the first thing people consider when seeking to purchase a sofa. As stated before, purchasing furniture is an investment, on average it can last at least ten years, and usually consumers keep them much longer; therefore, it is essential to weigh your options. When choosing a color, think about whether you are in a permanent home or plan to move. Will your furniture work well in a different space? Generally, you can ensure a smoother transition with neutral furniture: black, gray, beige, and ivory.

Common Types of Sofa Upholstery

Leather Sofas

leather sofa

Leather sofas possess a classic tough material. While it is one of the most costly types, it is durable and offers easy clean up; damp-wipe, brush, or gently vacuum. These sofas, however, can be scraped, cut and ripped easily. Households with infants/small children and pets can benefit from leather sofas.

*For a more affordable version consider a faux leather sofa.

Polyester Sofas

polyester sofa

Polyester Sofas are typically blended with other fibers to make it stronger, allowing it to be wrinkle free and help reduce fading. The combination of fibers also provide durability and longevity. This material is suitable for a regularly used family room or den.

Microfiber Sofas

microfiber sofa upholstery

Microfiber sofas are a type of polyester. They are made up of thin strands of fiber that can look like suede or leather. This sofa upholstery is durable and soft as well. The material additionally helps with efficient clean up as it is water repellent, nor accumulates dust and lint easily.

Velvet Sofas

velvet couch

For rooms with minimal use, Velvet sofas are an illustrious choice. This material isn’t extremely durable and a bit difficult to clean, yet in a household of adults it can provide an opulent luxurious appeal. This material will also be more costly.

Other Considerations

Other factors to consider include:

  • Allergies – Some furniture collects dust more easily than others
  • Fade Resistant – If your furniture will be in a room with big windows or lots of sunlight
  • Mildew Resistant – For humid climates



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