187 Simple Ways to Go Green


Go green Transportation

Photo by Flickr user Alain Gavillet.


110. Own a light-colored car.

111. Consider tinted windows.

112. Drive the speed limit.

113. Keep your tires well-inflated to save gas and extend their life.

114. Clean out your car and trunk to reduce unnecessary weight.

115. Replace the air filters in your car regularly.

116. Get regular tune-ups on your car to avoid wear & tear and save gas.

117. Use a commercial car wash instead of washing your car yourself.

118. Turn off your car instead of letting it idle.

119. If the line at the drive-thru is too long, park your car and go in to order.

120. Schedule all your errands for the same day so you only make one trip per week.

121. Switch to a hybrid car.

122. Carpool with a friend or neighbor.

123. Ride a bike.

124. Make use of public transportation.

125. Walk to your destination.


Go green Shopping

Photo by Flickr user Annie Mole.


126. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

127. Buy frequently-used items in bulk.

128. Buy products that use recycled materials or are recyclable whenever possible.

129. Buy concentrated products (e.g. fruit juice, laundry detergent, fabric softener).

130. Avoid buying from dollar stores.

131. Don’t buy products with an excess of packaging.

132. Avoid buying aerosol spray cans.

133. Choose paper instead of plastic when getting your items bagged.

134. Invest in cloth shopping bags.

135. Reuse any plastic bags you do get.

136. Shop at thrift or secondhand stores – especially for children’s clothes.

137. Check items online to see if you can buy them gently used instead of new.

138. Shop for groceries online.

139. Rent or borrow items you infrequently use (e.g. chainsaws, ladders, decorations).

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