Sideboards & Buffets: Dining Room Furniture

What Is A Sideboard/Buffet?

A sideboard or buffet is a piece of furniture traditionally found in the dining room to store items such as place settings, dishware/silverware, glasses and more. Sideboards have been around for a long time. In recent times, they have expanded beyond the dining room and into the living room, hallway and bedroom.

Traditional Sideboards & Buffets

Traditional sideboards & buffets are grandiose. Crafted with rich hardwood and intricate designs, these pieces of furniture are a statement piece. They are sometimes built with a hatch, which provides open or encased shelving to showcase your finest china. Perhaps this is the vision you get when you think of a buffet or sideboard.

buffet and hutch

Modern Sideboards & Buffets

However, dining room sideboards & buffets have evolved to modern and contemporary designs that fit in with 21st Century d├ęcor styles. These pieces of furniture offer a variety of options, with both closed and open storage, clean lines, and multiple colors and textures to select from.


Contemporary sideboards may not be the focal point of the dining room, however, they add to the overall style and design. In addition, they are functional in providing additional storage space.

Transitional Sideboards & Buffets

A blend of contemporary and traditional, transitional style buffets are the perfect choice for those who love the antique look with a modern flair. Sophisticated with just the right hint of trendiness allows consumers to get the best of both worlds with their decor.

sideboards & buffets

Other Uses

Also referred to as a credenza or server, sideboards and buffets are a great way to add variety to your home.

Place one in the bedroom to mix up furniture pieces, while increasing storage space.


In the living room as a media console; store all of your digital and technical devices in one spot.

sideboard entertainment center

Find a sleek design to accent your hallway and add functionality.

narrow sideboard

The options are endless. There is a sideboard or buffet table for every occasion and space.

buffet sideboard with wine storage

Buffet Sideboard with Wine Storage


wall mounted buffet

Wall Mounted Buffet


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