2014 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual Public Service College Book Scholarship Winner!!

It's finally time to announce the big winner for our Public Service Scholarship! The final winner will receive $500. Reading the essays submitted by hundreds of applicants made it difficult to choose just one final winner, but Sarah and I managed to agree on this person. 

We send out a huge congratulations to...

Public Service Scholarship Winner: Dakota Stormer

Dakota Stormer, Winner of the Public Service Scholarship, Goedeker's

Dakota Stormer is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin. He is majoring in chemical engineering with a focus on environmental sustainability. He loves to sing, and actually started an acapella group at the University of Texas. As the current president, he spends much of his spare time practicing with the group. 

Here is an excerpt from his essay:

"At the age of 12, I started a tropical weather blog to educate my friends and family about the hazards of global warming in relation to cyclonic activity. Later, in high school, I became president of our Interact club and joined forces with a Keep Texas Beautiful affiliate in order to bring plastic bottle recycling to our campus. I became the first student board member of the organization, and I initiated a district-wide movement towards recycling and environmental education-a feat that allowed me to win the state title of Environmental Ambassador, among many other accolades.

After graduating as valedictorian, I decided to major in chemical engineering at the University of Texas. This top-ranked program will enhance my knowledge of chemical processes, giving me the chance to work to develop new methods for recycling a multitude of products, to create cleaner bio fuels, or even to research and develop new alternative energy innovations for our future.

During only my first semester at UT, I managed to land an at-large position on the Green Fee committee. In addition, I was elected as a vice president for Global Environmental Brigades-an organization that brought a group of students to Panama this winter to promote sustainable practices and build greenhouses. I have also been given the opportunity to research with Dr. David Allen-a leading methane emissions specialist, an advisor to the EPA and many foreign countries, and one of my biggest role models. I also founded and presided over an a capella group on campus, HarmoNation, while organizing a multitude of study groups and maintaining a 3.93 GPA.

I believe my dedication to make a grander impact on the world-despite the many obstacles I have faced-makes me a viable candidate for this award. I have seen too many losses, and my experiences have helped me push myself to shatter the mold..."

Congratulations Dakota! We wish you all the luck throughout college, and keep on singing!


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