2014 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual Public Service College Book Scholarship 1st Honorable Mention

In addition to the Annual College Book Scholarship, we also offered a scholarship for Public Service employees and their families. We admire the work of those who serve our communities, and the scholarship is our way of saying thank you. Today, we will announce our first honorable mention, who will receive $100.

A big congratulations goes to...

1st Public Service Scholarship Honorable Mention: Victoria Medrano

Victoria Medrano, Public Service Scholarship Honorable Mention

Victoria is a recent high school graduate of Gregory-Portland High School in Portland, Texas and will be attending Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi in the fall. Her ultimate goal is to earn her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, specializing in special needs children.

Here is an excerpt from her essay:

"When I was born, my mother and father were only eighteen years old. Eventually, the struggles of teenage parenting weighed down on my family so much that my parents divorced before my second birthday.  It seemed the odds were stacked against me, a child of teenage parents and now a child of divorced parents.  No one in my father’s family has completed anything higher than a high school education. My mother came from a poverty-stricken home and my maternal grandparents never graduated from high school. The importance of education was instilled into both of my parents and into me as well. My mother has become a first generation college graduate by obtaining her Master’s degree. I am committed into furthering this new tradition in my maternal family and beginning a new one in my paternal family. My education is first and foremost.

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, alongside with my cousin with Autism who suffers from scoliosis. I also babysat another cousin with Downs Syndrome who requires foot orthotics. I would love to be able to help children like them who need someone with specialized knowledge and can associate with them on a personal level. This is my passion and I want to work in a field that I love. I currently work with young children as a Pre-K teacher at the Legacy Preschool of Portland. My interaction with the children has encouraged my love for them and has fueled my desire for helping them even more. Quality healthcare is important and I think the key to providing superior service is a genuine compassion for the patients. I know I can accomplish both by doing my job with an insight into how the patients and their families want to be treated.

My father is a working class man who has not been able to set aside a college fund for me since he was so young when I was born.  My mother has also had to constantly work paycheck to paycheck and now has student loans of her own.  She has worked for the county of Nueces in Texas for over almost 16 years.  A scholarship could mean the difference between me pursuing my dream of a higher education or not."

We want to congratulate Victoria and wish her the best in her future endeavors!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the second honorable mention!

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