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13 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

  A few weeks ago, I moved into a new apartment. As a recent college graduate, I have a lot of low-end decor. While moving stuff into my new place, I kept telling myself, "This is my chance to start fresh and decorate with style." The only problem:

Midweek Reads #7

Food & Drink Amazing Kale Salad - what do you think of the variety of ingredients? Chicken and Vegetable Nicoise - I love anything with angel hair pasta Blackberry Lemonade Spritzer - this sounds incredibly refreshing Easy Red, White, and Blue Icebox Cake - scrumptious and patriotic! Design & DIY Just

Your Appliance Pre-Shopping Checklist

When you begin shopping for a new appliance, there are plenty of different considerations that you should keep in mind. Many of them are obvious - you won't accidentally start browsing for a new microwave when a range is what you need - but other smaller details could

9 Ways to Add Color in Your Bathroom

While your bathroom is more functional than entertaining space, that doesn't mean it has to remain cold and clinical looking. There are a number of ways to decorate it that are bold, expressive, and full of personality. Whatever your budget – from a quick fix to a

Make a Statement with Home Lighting

In recent years, the decorating value of lighting has increased dramatically. Before, lights were seen as purely functional and not paid much thought, but now it is generally accepted that good lighting is essential to good interior design. It is the piece that completes the puzzle of

How Environmentally Friendly is Your Furniture?

  Did you know that most new furniture emits cancer-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs)? How about the fact that the high demand and willingness to blindly buy tropical hardwood is depleting the Amazon Rainforest? These and other aspects of something as simple as picking out a sofa

Eat Clean by Cutting Sugary Desserts

  Changing your eating habits and leading a healthy way of life is a really difficult process that requires a lot of patience and determination to succeed. Needless to say, working out, running, dancing, and other physical exercise may help a lot, but according to a great