Making Moving Day as Tranquil as Possible

Photo Credit: kirkandmimi, Pixabay

Photo Credit: kirkandmimi, Pixabay

Although you may have planned your move to a tee moving day is not the time to sit back and let loose of the reigns. You may discover a few loose ends to tie on the actual moving day, such as the utilities not being on at the new house. You also want to ensure all of your items make it to the new home safe and sound. While you should be involved on moving day, there are ways to make the day go as smoothly as possible.


Prepping for the Move

For starters, make moving your only task for the day. This means you should schedule cable installation, phone service, and Internet hookup for after you've settled in. Also, ensure everything is packed up and labeled before moving day. You don’t want to randomly throw items in boxes the morning of the move while movers grab boxes around you. Speaking of movers, consider hiring professional movers to really make the move more tranquil.

If you hire professional movers, check the bill of lading. A bill of lading is a legal document between a shipper of goods (you) and the carrier (the moving company). Although you may feel anxious to get the day started and over with, take the time to thoroughly read the document. Confirm that the bill of lading matches the terms on the original service order, and bring up any concerns before you sign it. You should receive a copy of the document, and be sure to keep your copy until you've unpacked all of your boxes; you'll need the documents if you come across any damaged items.


Leaving the Old Home

Once moving day arrives, you may feel tempted to sit back and let the professionals handle everything, but you should supervise the packing process. That being said, you and the movers are workisnack2ng hard, so have snacks and water on hand; whether they’re professionals or friends lending a hand. Staying hydrated and energized is important, and it also shows generosity.


Before the movers head out, make sure they have your phone number. When the house is emptied, do one last check through your old home. Be sure to look in all closets, cabinets, drawers, and even under the oven. Also, check the attic, crawl space, and garage. You never know what you could’ve forgotten.

While you’re checking for forgotten items, look out for any damages caused by the movers. Do not risk losing a security deposit or getting into a dispute with homebuyers due to damage the movers can, and should fix.

Another good idea is to write down meter readings to verify figures match up when you receive your final bill from the utility companies.


Arriving at the New Home   

Just as you did a walkthrough at the old place, inspect your new home before you start moving boxes into the space. It’s best to arrive at the home before the moving truck to avoid slowing down the process and potentially being charged. You should also do the walkthrough with your real estate agent if possible.

Double check that all of the utilities in your new home are functioning properly. Test out the outlets, light switches, appliances, faucets, and toilets before you move any items into the home. If something doesn’t appear to be in working order, address the issue the same day. Also, if you weren’t able to do so before, label the doors to the rooms as you go through the home so the movers can easily find where to put boxes.


Oversee the process of unloading boxes to make sure they end up in the right rooms. Try to keep boxes as visible as possible (so don’t place them in garages, attics, or garages just yet); you are less likely to unpack the boxes you can't see. Boxes that are left in these spaces make you feel as though you’re never really settled in. You may also discover broken items when it’s too late to file a claim.



Moving can be hectic and stressful. Take short breaks every hour or so, and remember to enjoy a snack or bottle of water. Staying hydrated, satiated, and rested helps alleviate stress. Although you may feel a bit chaotic on moving day, preparation helps to prevent moving day nightmares. You can settle into your new home quicker and enjoy your new space. For more information, check out this article on considerations you should make before moving.

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