Kitchen Appliances: Find the Right Finish

Kitchens sell houses! Even if you’re not in the market for buying or selling a home, having a kitchen that adds value to your home is worth investing in.

Not only does the layout and kitchen design make this room a hot commodity, but also the appliances. Find out what standard color kitchen appliances work best for you and your household.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel appliances

Hailing as the all-around standard for modern homes, stainless steel appliances reign. Replacing the traditional white kitchen, this up-to-date look matches any décor style and resists scratches, stains, and rust. Easy to clean and germ-resistant makes it a top choice for busy kitchens.

Although more prone to show fingerprints and smudges, and typically on the higher end of pricing, these appliances continue to be a favorite for consumers.

Stainless steel ranges are the perfect focal point in contemporary homes, while stainless steel refrigerators are a staple as well. Find appliance package deals online to remodel your entire kitchen.

White Kitchen Appliances

Whirlpool white ice

A close runner-up, white kitchen appliances have been around for ages. A classic appeal, a few brands have updated their white appliances to give it a fresh look; like Whirlpool’s White Ice. This line features white mirrored-glass, stainless steel handles and clean lines, which fit perfectly in a modern home.

Light and breezy, white creates an openness in the kitchen; especially great for smaller spaces. White appliances also complement pale tone cabinetry or light countertops like luxe marble.

Black Kitchen Appliances

Black Kitchen Appliances

The opposite of white, black is a neutral color but bold. It stands out in the kitchen and goes well with smoky gray cabinetry, or you can create the classic black and white kitchen with black appliances and white cabinetry.

Black kitchen appliances work well with large kitchens, as they break up long wall planes and invite a more intimate environment by “closing in” some of the space.

Kitchen interior design is all over black as the new kitchen trend for 2018.

Black Stainless Steel

black stainless appliances

An alternative to stainless steel, black stainless steel appliances are also suitable for the new kitchen trend for this year. Initially released by LG & Samsung, most appliance brands have additionally followed suit with adding this appliance finish to their repertoire.

Black stainless steel is both smudge and fingerprint proof, making it ideal for the kitchen. Its metallic-like appearance also pairs well with most kitchen designs. It offers a darker hue option for those seeking a substitute for stainless steel.

Slate Appliances

GE Slate Appliances

Not as popular as its counter-parts but beautiful in its own right, slate appliances are rich and elegant. This finish hides fingerprints, dirt, and smudges with its matte, stone-inspired texture.

As the leader, GE Slate appliances is the brand to purchase from, with few competitors offering this exclusive appliance color.

Custom Panel

Custom panel kitchen

When seeking a sleek, streamlined appearance, you can't go wrong with custom paneling. This finish allows appliances to blend in perfectly with your existing cabinetry. Most popular appliances that are custom include refrigerators and dishwashers.

This look is good for small spaces as nothing dominates the area. Also, if you already have a kitchen design that is a statement piece in itself, tone down with custom panel appliances.

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Washers & Dryers

whirlpool washer and dryer

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