Interview With Faith Towers of Design Fixation

A votive candle holder made with hot glue.

A votive candle holder made with hot glue. Faith has made the tutorial available here at Curbly.

Faith Towers is a creative and talented designer who works wonders with paper and ink. Whether it is custom wedding invitations, or simple and elegant decorations to liven up your home, Faith has a seemingly endless supply of creativity to share.

Faith was generous enough to give us some of her time to answer questions about crafting and how she uses the Internet to share and enhance her creative efforts.

Faith blogs on her own site, Design Fixation, and is a featured writer at, where she shares many of her creations and DIY ideas. For a real work of art from her, especially for that once-in-a-lifetime special event, you should check out what she offers on her service site, Faith Towers Design.

Interview With Faith Towers of Design Fixation Goedeker's: Of all the creative things you could do, you work with stationary and wedding invitations the most. Why is that?

Faith: My biggest passion has always been print design, but I also have a great love for weddings and events. Designing invitations for weddings, showers, and parties combines many of my skills all into one. I also find that these clients allow me to take a bit more creative liberty than my small business clients.

Goedeker's: What are your favorite things about working with paper?

Faith: Our culture is turning more and more toward the internet for everything and I think it's important to preserve the charm and appeal of paper invitations and marketing materials. Don't get me wrong, I spend many hours a day on my computer, but I believe that there is something magical about a beautifully designed letterpress wedding invitation.

As for the material in general, I love the versatility of paper. One day I might make a beautiful quilled snowflake out of pearlescent white paper for my Christmas tree, while the next day I find myself printing out my custom designed cheese flags on a thick piece of white stock for a wedding reception.

Goedeker's: What other kinds of creative projects do you enjoy?

Faith: I'm also fond of sewing - both textiles for my apartment and clothing for myself. With so many mass produced pieces out there, it's nice to know that you have a one of a kind piece. And it costs a lot less too!

A wedding invitation created by Faith Towers.

A wedding invitation created by Faith Towers. See more of her portfolio here.

Goedeker's: What is your favorite way to learn new techniques?

Faith: I'm a big fan of the trial-by-error technique... but if I have absolutely no idea how to do something, then I'll usually search for an online tutorial on either Pinterest or Google. Occasionally I will also use Youtube for any technique with a very visual element (if I need to learn a new knitting stitch for example, this is where I go).

Goedeker's: What inspires you?

Faith: That's a tough one. I'm inspired by so many different things everyday, and often they are seemingly random. Recently I designed a glass votive with an outer layer made entirely of colored hot glue that I shared on My inspiration came from a dress made of hot glue on the show Project Runway... so I like to search for techniques, and then adapt and transform them to be used in a different way.

Goedeker's: What is the best way for readers to keep up with everything you do?

Faith: I'm very active on social media - I share links to almost all of my posts from Curbly and Design Fixation on my Twitter account, and on my Facebook page. I also like to share behind the scenes photos and sneak previews of projects on my newly-created Instagram account. And last but certainly not least - I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. You can see all of my inspirations here:

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