Incredible Crowdsource Interior Design through Decorilla

Incredible Crowdsource Interior Design through Decorilla

To me, Decorilla represents the future of interior design. Clients submit their project details, along with responses to an initial questionnaire, then Decorilla's team of designers pitches ideas based on each client's needs and personal style. From there, the client can pick the winning design and work with the designer to make it a reality.

Decorilla beautifully streamlines the process of redesigning a living space. I had the chance to chat with Creative Design Expert Christine Martin and learn more about Decorilla's creation, the design process from start to finish, and the benefits of this unique service.

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What served as the inspiration to start Decorilla?

The idea of Decorilla was inspired by personal experience. Agnieszka (a co-founder) outlined the problems she faced in decorating her apartment: decorating through trial-and-error, and not being satisfied with the option of hiring a designer due to cost and difficulty finding the right designer. Agnieszka recognized that a unique solution - delivering multiple visual design proposals - could have helped her. The seed was planted and the Decorilla concept emerged!

How many interior designers are currently on your team?

Currently, we have 45 accomplished interior designers on the team. We carefully vetted and interviewed each one. After an overwhelming initial response of over 250 applicants within the first month, we knew that there was great interest from the design community in our platform. Most of our designers are from the United States, but our team includes international designers from places such as Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, and Greece. This unique element allows for our designers to collaborate and learn from one another as our clientele expands across the globe. It’s very exciting to see! It also allows us to come up with the freshest global design ideas.

What are the benefits of a crowdsource interior design service?

In a survey we ran regarding the reasons people avoid seeking interior designers, we found that both high cost and fear of selecting the “right” designer were the top answers. Generally, people are hesitant to commit to a designer, wondering if the designer can match their style or fulfill their design vision. Having a crowdsourcing component in the Decorilla process alleviates that fear. Additionally, having a higher volume of projects allows us to get the best possible furniture pricing for our clients from some of the most popular retailers.

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Take me through the steps of redesigning a client’s room, from the first contact to the end results.

To start a project, a customer fills out our easy-to-follow questionnaire – telling us their requirements, how much they want to pay, and uploads photos of their room including existing pieces they want to keep. Once launched, Decorilla designers submit their initial concepts for the client to review. After about seven days, the client makes their selection. They then work exclusively with their chosen designer on our platform to get the design just right. Once approved, the designer completes the rest of the design package which is sent to the client.

The elements that make up Decorilla’s final design package include:

  • 3D renderings of your new room
  • Shopping list with links
  • Exclusive discounts from popular décor brands
  • Paint color palette
  • Floorplan & furniture placement
  • Tips & implementation guide
  • 30 day follow-up assistance

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What sort of questions appear on the initial questionnaire?

We encourage questions that help give our designers information about the project and the client’s style. Some questions include asking what interior design brands or stores they shop at, color preferences, and what they currently dislike about the room. Customers can select from our inspiration photo gallery or upload their own images to share ideas as well.

How long does the entire design process generally take?

The entire process normally takes about three to four weeks. There is certainly room for flexibility depending on the needs of the customer or client.

Decorilla bedroom before after

Give an example of one of your favorite success stories so far.

We received a remarkable and encouraging message from one of our first clients to go through a complete design process. It’s a true example of success for us. I think it speaks for itself.

Let me start by saying, I love, love, love Decorilla, and your personal emails are absolutely amazing, and very much appreciated!! We have lived in our home for 3 years now, and almost every room feels incomplete. I don't seem to have the time (not to mention the design talent!) to finish any area or room!! Decorilla is a dream come true :). My ultimate goal is to have every area/room in our home look professionally decorated within the next 6 months. On my own, I could never accomplish this, but with the help of your fabulous designers, I think we just might be able to pull it off 🙂 I'm so excited to try to accomplish our decorating goals with you. Thank you for telling me about the discounts and for creating this fantastic service with amazing designers!

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