2014 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship 2nd Honorable Mention

Yesterday we announced the first honorable mention winner for our Annual College Book Scholarship. Today, we announce the second! The two honorable mentions will be awarded $100, and the top winner will be awarded $500.

So without further ado...

2nd Honorable Mention: Takashi Yanagi

Goedeker's Scholarship Honorable Mention: Takashi Yanagi

Takashi is a Finance major at the University of Notre Dame. He enjoys playing tennis, making videos, and following the stock market. 

Here is an excerpt from his essay:

"I want to go to the University of Notre Dame to become the successful man my mom always wanted me to be before she passed away from cancer in 2011. After this tragic event, being truly independent as a high school senior was eye-opening. My mom raised me as a single parent struggling to make ends meet until she contracted cancer and needed immediate treatment that was ultimately ineffective. I have never felt as helpless as I did then.

...I still remember her last touch as I clasped her hand desperately trying to revive the life she once had. Realizing that I would never see her again, I made an unyielding promise to make her proud and become the successful man she always wanted me to be: a personal vow I carry every day. I will never forget that moment, as my goodbye was truly final. In the midst of my sadness, I was forced to take on a new life of financial and domestic independence. I managed to graduate in the top 1%, get into my favorite school, and take on the responsibilities of adulthood. I have had to sell my house, car, and other belongings to provide for insurances, medical bills, living expenses, and tuition. 

...Currently, I will be an analyst intern for a hedge fund in New York, which I am extremely excited to experience. I believe meaningful leadership positions, outside research, and real-world experiences allow me to gain numerous invaluable skills that set me up for a successful, long-term career in the near future. Graduating from Notre Dame and accomplishing summer internships are just puzzle pieces to a grander picture. 

...I believe I am a qualified candidate for this scholarship because I was able to overcome the darkest days of my life through persistence and determination. I will continue to fight through my struggles to become a successful and an honorable man. The values my mom instilled in me of diligence and managing my responsibilities will always be with me in life. I will continue to learn and mature as a future business professional who is willing to serve his clients with the utmost respect, expertise, and integrity."

We wish Takashi the best in his future pursuits.

Make sure to check back in tomorrow to see the winner for the $500 scholarship!

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