Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship 2nd Honorable Mention 2017

appliances scholarshipWe are proud to announce our second Honorable Mention winner: Michael Forrest Tennant.

Michael is returning to school to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering.

What Michael says about himself: "I am a returning student at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville. I enjoy using and learning about technology, photography and playing video games. I have struggled in the past as a student. But after some self-searching, I have resolved to return to school and improve myself. However this time I have planned, prepared and worked harder than I ever did in my previous school career."

From his essay: "Obviously, I have regrets about my educational decisions over the years but in retrospect, I think that they did teach me a very important life lesson. It was during this time I realized my passion for school or more specifically learning. I came to the realization that all those years in school I was the problem, specifically my fear of failing was the problem. I have lived in constant fear of failure and it drove me to make easy choices. Choices that were obvious or riskless, the expected or simple. The slightest failure would haunt me and so I pulled away from school or other activities that might have interested me."

We know Michael's renewed commitment to earning his degree will pay off in the future.

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