Front Load Washers in 2017

Front load washers of 2017Front load washing machines are all about capacity and convenience.

Nearly all brands are competing in this lucrative market, and there are constant advances and adaptations being made.

Recent improvements include the addition of steam cleaning, AddWash, and even Wi-Fi connectivity.

One company even manufactures a mini washer that sits under the larger washer in place of a pedestal.

That's a lot of options to consider.

Consider Front Load Washer Features

When shopping, think about this: What features are important to me?

What do I think is a “cool” feature vs. what will I use? What features should I be paying for?

It is easy to be wowed by advanced features, but if you never use them, you will regret your purchase.

However, also keep in mind although you have never had a steam washer, you may find the sanitizing power and the deep cleaning of tough stains to be of great value.

Also, it is almost certain a washer you buy today will be the first Wi-Fi capable one you own.

It may be very valuable to monitor and control the washer from the comfort of your armchair, or while you are at the store.

Advances are there for a reason. Some are quite useful, and so don't be quick to discount certain features.

Front Load Washer Models


GE load washing machines


4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Stackable With Steam Cycle Washer - GFW450SSKWW - Energy Star

This is a nice piece from GE, with a steam feature, and a five-star rating on the website.

It also has an Add Garment feature that makes it easy and convenient to stop the cycle and throw in forgotten items.

This is similar to the AddWash feature in the Samsung models.

Maytag Washing Machines front load


4.3 Cu. Ft. MHW3505FW White Front Load With Steam Cycle Washer

Tackle extra-large loads with 4.3 Cu. Ft. capacity, which is enough space to clean 29 towels at once.

Another great steam washer rated 4.6 stars. Maytag is a very well respected name in laundry appliances.


samsung washer


5.0 Cu. Ft. White Stackable With Steam Cycle Front Load Washer - WF50K7500AW - Energy Star - AddWash

This front load washer model has the new AddWash feature, which, like the Add Garment feature in the previous GE model, allows you to easily add forgotten laundry after the cycle has already started.

samsung wv60m9900aw



6 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer - WV60M9900AW - Energy Star

This is a Wi-Fi enabled Samsung washer unit. Samsung is known for using their technology from their other products, like cell phones, and incorporating it into their appliances.


washer front load


4.5 Cu. Ft. Graphite Steel Front Load Washer - WM5000HVA - Energy Star


wd100cv small washer


1.0 Cu. Ft. WD100CV Graphite Steel Sidekick Pedestal Washer

The aforementioned LG Sidekick pair features a small washer below the upper, hidden in the pedestal, which can be used for small or delicate loads.

Washing Machine Differences

As you can see, while most front load washers have a lot in common, their differences can be substantial.

The ones listed above are some of the best sellers, most popular and quality washers out there in the front load category.

My advice is to shop smart and be open to what might work for you.

Check out our washer buying guide to learn more about washing machines.

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