Floral arrangements breathe life into your house

Floral arrangements breathe life into your house

Who does not like to make that small corner table look a bit different every day? And who does not enjoy a fragrant display of fresh plucks at the dining table? Among every other home ornamentation, flowers hold an incredibly special place since times immemorial. In the clutter and chatter of festivity as well as in the solemnity of solitude, flowers are always a welcome company. A well-arranged flower pot can light up the way a room looks and feels. Here are a few easy ways to beautifully arrange buds and blooms for an evergreen spring at your home.


Anemones, lily, hydrangea, lilacs, Calla and other such white blooms are really awesome choices for an elegant show of flowers. Even on the most ordinary days, when there is nothing special in the air, a vase-full of stalked white flowers can bring enchantment. The best way to arrange white stalks is to gather a few long stalks and tuck them into a long glass or china vase. And if you are running short on vases, an empty glass jar would also do fine! Do it in a free style, so it appears a bit casual.


Rose buds and buds of tulips are great choices for the tripod style small tables under the staircase and on the cornered edges of your room. Take a handful of long bud-stalks and drop them in a thin-necked long jar. Colorful buds are desserts for the eyes when the room is decorated with a white theme. The splash of those pretty colors surpasses every source of bliss in the world.

Silk flowers and cane baskets:

Have you ever heard of this arrangement? It is a dream for lovers of artificial flowers. Satin flowers are easily available in the market. Hand-pick some of the best pieces according to the requirement of your room decor and delicately place them in a cane basket. They are nothing less than sheer pleasure to the eyes.

Kale and greens:

And who precisely ever said that colorful flowers alone can make you smile? A stylish display of kale and greens is a fabulous choice for corner arrangements. For a better look, include a few crowns of Queen Anne’s lace and some whirls of hydrangea. Apart from being just fabulous, this arrangement also looks romantic when displayed under a balanced luminosity.

The wild variety:

It is not mandatory to flock to your florist regularly to get fresh flowers in your basket. Local wild flowers look crazily pretty. Don’t overdo the neatness of the arrangement. Make it a bit unkempt to preserve the wild appeal. Better yet, don’t tuck wild varieties in a pot or a vase. Hook them up on a wall or make a brown bag arrangement. Covering the lower ends of the stalks with a brown paper bag lends a fresh feel to the arrangement

Carnations and red varieties:

Red roses, carnations, and violets are vibrant varieties. Include a lot of them in your bedroom. It keeps the atmosphere utterly romantic. Look for the rose families that have small buds. Pull them up into a neat bouquet and tuck them into a small bed-side vase.

Single picks:

Sometimes, when gathering up flower heads into a neat arrangement bores you, take a break and go for the single pick style. Collect small milk bottles, wash them up, arrange them all on a table, and tuck single stalks in all of them. We know it is not conventional, but trust us, such an arrangement under an open window looks just as lovely.

Bring the best arrangement to your home and change the feel in the air every single day!


Author Bio: Chaya is associated with Alltimeflowers.com, an amazing web store for silk flowers for your home. She would like to explore her creative ideas for home decor in her spare time. 

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