25 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

A couple of my favorite ways to decorate any room are with art or photographs. But you don't have to stick to slipping your photos into frames and putting them up on the wall; your pictures can become artwork themselves with a little imagination and DIY magic. Here are some of my favorite projects for creatively displaying your photos!

Welcome to Apartment 205B | DIY Shutter Repurpose

This DIY is very straightforward and easy to do! If you want to jazz it up a little, maybe consider painting your shutters before you hang them up.

DIY Shutter photo display

beve! | Project: Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display

Clothespin photo displays have become a staple in college dorm rooms and houses alike. This one features the addition of pretty patterned Washi tape.

Washi Tape Clothespin Photo Display

jamie's home blog | Tabletop Leaning Shelf Photo Display

While the clothespin display looks nice, Jamie had gotten tired of hers in her cubicle at work, so she decided to build her own photo shelf. Check it out!

Tabletop Leaning Shelf Photo Display

A Diamond in the Stuff | A Ladder Gallery

Have an old ladder lying around that you thrifted and shouldn't be relied upon to support anyone's weight? Why not turn it into a photo gallery!

Ladder Photo Gallery

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke | How to turn Vintage Windows into Picture Frames

I've seen tons of DIYs for turning windows into photo frames, but this is one of the best. These windows can hold lots of photos, and they look stunning!

Vintage Windows into Picture Frames

Studio 34 | Heart Shaped Polaroid Collage

If you're like me and have been seeing images like this all over Pinterest with no steps for making it, fear not! Tracey has you covered with an excellent tutorial.

Heart Shaped Polaroid Collage

August & After | DIY: vintage pictures and mason jars

Here's a quirky idea for putting your favorite photos on display and giving them a vintage vibe.

DIY vintage pictures and mason jars

Love Grows Wild | DIY Photo Clipboards

Another classic, right up there with clothespin photo lines. These clipboards are an attractive and unique alternative to using picture frames.

DIY Photo Clipboards

Rook No. 17 | Family Tree Wreath Tutorial & Free Printable Vintage Photo Frames

Are you itching to display some of the old family photos you've inherited from grandparents or great grandparents, but you're not sure how? Try making this family tree wreath!

Family Tree Wreath Photo Frames

Allen Mowery Photography | DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

This is an incredible example of upcycling. While most of us may not have the springs from a baby crib laying around, Allen and his wife worked wonders with theirs!

DIY Photography Wall Art from Baby Crib Springs

Positively Splendid | DIY Ladder Photo Display #3MDIY

I've shown you a ladder gallery and a clipboard display... so why not combine them? Amy at Positively Splendid shows you how.

DIY Ladder Photo Display

One Good Thing by Jillee | DIY "Polaroid" Photo Coasters

I've seen plenty of photo coaster DIYs, but I adore this one because it makes them all look like Polaroids! How neat is that?

DIY "Polaroid" Photo Coasters

Transforming Home.... | Mod podge photo letter

One of my favorite ideas from this roundup. Pick the first initial of one of your kids and cover it with a collage of their photographs!

Mod podge photo letter display

A Beautiful Mess | Try This: Mineral Photo Display

Elsie and Emma always have fantastic home decor ideas. This one is a little unusual, but definitely eye-catching!

Mineral Photo Display

A Handcrafted Wedding | DIY Yarn Clothespin Frame

This clothespin frame would be lovely with wedding decor, but it'd also look great in just about any room of the house!

DIY Yarn Clothespin Frame

Budget Wise Home | Photo Display Ideas

I never would have thought of using plates as picture frames, but these look awesome!

Photo Display Ideas

IHeart Organizing | IHeart an Instadesk Update!

Jen dressed up her drab desk with some of her Instagram photos. Displaying photos under glass on your desk or table top is a super clever idea.

Instadesk photo display

Homemaker's Challenge | Make Time for a Simple DIY Project: How to Create a Photo Wall Clock

My co-writer Liz is a lover of clocks, so I had to include this DIY photo wall clock. It's definitely an interesting take on a photo wall.

DIY Photo Wall Clock

Mommy Moment | DIY Photo Lamp

This lamp radiates the love of family and has a vintage feel. It's fairly simple to make on your own too!

DIY Photo Lamp

At The Picket Fence | Thrift Store Game Board Photo Display

Those cast-off game boards that are gathering dust in your home could make for whimsical and fun photo displays!

Thrift Store Game Board Photo Display

Scraps & Scribbles | Photo Collage Star Tutorial

This is a unique, 3D way to display photos. You wouldn't have to use a star. There are plenty of types of wall decor this could work with!

Photo Collage Star Tutorial

Shanty 2 Chic | Photo Tree Centerpiece DIY!

This little tree is decked out for Christmas, but a photo tree could make an amazing centerpiece no matter the season.

Photo Tree Centerpiece DIY!

Pinkepank | Photo Display DIY

Clothespins are the most popular accessory to use when displaying photos, but there are several different styles when doing it. This circular, string display is original and fun!

Photo Display DIY

Our Best Bites | Glowing Photo Luminaries

Another illuminated display of family togetherness, these luminaries are a lovely way to show off your family adventures. One would make a perfect nightlight in a child's room.

DIY Glowing Photo Luminaries

Tech4Moms | Epson Picturemate Charm Review

What about a photo chandelier? I love the black and white tones that blend into a beautiful display of life.

Epson Picturemate Charm Review

Which one of these ways to display photos is your favorite? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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