Convert your Attic into your Favorite Room


Is there a room missing in your house where you can unwind after a grueling day? Is there a favorite living space in your house where you want to watch television uninterruptedly or play a board game with your friends? It may be right there in your house.

Have you ever considered converting your attic? Yes, your attic! It can serve to be your favorite room of the house. Whether you want to create a bedroom out of it or a living area, your attic is a space often left unattended, causing heaps of garbage and old stuff to be deposited there. If you are buying a new home or remodeling an existing one, make sure to use your attic space creatively.

However, there are some rules and regulations to take into consideration before starting your attic conversion process. After analyzing whether your attic meets the requirements as set by the building code, you can convert your attic into your desired place of the house.

A Comfortable Bedroom

The most popular way of using your attic is to turn it into a bedroom. If you need an extra room in your house or you wish to create a small bedroom just for yourself, then your attic can be an excellent way to provide you with that extra space. It can be your personal atmosphere where you want to relax after a hard day's work or simply spend a few hours with your music, accessories, or gadgets. Although designing such a small and limited space can be a challenge, if decorated professionally, your attic will be a nice and comfy bedroom with small bookshelves, cupboards, or a television for your convenience. The ceiling and the flooring must be done professionally for a glitch-free living space.


Playroom for Kids or for Yourself

Your attic can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a playroom for your kids by putting all their belongings from their infant days to their present age in that area and arranging them nicely. A fantasy theme along with colorful shelves, cupboards, and a bed can add some creative elements for your children. If not for the kids, it can be a nice boardroom for yourself! You can add table tennis or a pool table with some board games for creating a nice playroom for yourself and your friends to hang out on weekends.


Home Office

If you work from home and yearn for a private workstation, then your attic can provide you with an excellent workspace. Many entrepreneurs' first offices were based in their attics. If you want to set up your own small business or simply want a quiet area to work from, the space when designed correctly can let you work in peace and with full concentration. Broadband and computer installation should not be a problem, and getting a phone extension to the top of the house can also be handled easily. A small workstation away from the chaos of your house is just what you need for building a home office.

home office

Bathroom of your choice

If your house does not include a bathroom that reflects your taste, no worries! It should come as no surprise to homeowners that the idea of converting your attic into a bathroom of your own style and choice has recently become quite popular. Whether you want a retro styled bathing area or a modern one, fixtures of your own choice can be installed in your attic to create the look you want. Bring your favorite ambiance to your bathroom and flaunt it to your guests too.


The attic of your house gives you the liberty to design it in any way you like. Conventional or modern, the design can reflect your lifestyle and your own unique style. Design it according to your needs and taste.


Author Bio: Amber Alvi is a passionate blogger, currently working for Chinese Drywall Advisors, a complete Chinese Drywall Inspection Services Provider serving homeowners with Chinese Drywall testing, remediation, and inspection services.

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