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Featured Brand Friday: Windster

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Windster Brand Type: Range hoods Year Started: 2003 Website: www.windsterhood.com A BRIEF HISTORY Windster began developing range hoods in 2003 to offer the best in kitchen ventilation for cooks. They focus

Featured Brand Friday: NXR

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: NXR Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 2003 Website: www.durocorp.com A BRIEF HISTORY While NXR is a young brand, their parent company is one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel BBQ's in the

Featured Brand Friday: Lynx

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Lynx Brand Type: Appliances Year Started: 1996 Website: www.lynxgrills.com A BRIEF HISTORY In 1996, outdoor cooking was a term used interchangeably with barbecue grill. Lynx came onto the scene wanting to

Featured Brand Friday: South Shore

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: South Shore Brand Type: Furniture Year Started: 1940 Website: www.southshore.ca A BRIEF HISTORY South Shore Furniture was established by Eugène Laflamme in 1940 when he purchased a bankrupt wooden toy manufacturing

Featured Brand Friday: Shark

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: Shark Brand Type: Small Home Appliances Year Started: 2009 Website: www.sharkclean.com A BRIEF HISTORY Though the Shark brand was created just a few years ago, Euro-Pro's roots dig more than a

Featured Brand Friday: T-Fal

BRAND BASICS Brand Name: T-Fal Brand Type: Small Appliances and Cookware Year Started: 1956 Website: www.t-falusa.com A BRIEF HISTORY In 1954, a French engineer named Marc Gregoire invented a process that allowed aluminum to bond to
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