Best Samsung Gas Range for the Money

Best Samsung Gas Range for the Money

Samsung is an appliance manufacturer that puts a lot of effort into developing their cooking line, and it shows in their appliance lineup over the past several years.

Samsung Flex Duo ovens

Like many other brands, Samsung incorporates new technologies, such as Wi-Fi capability and convection ovens into their gas cooking ranges.

However, one of the most innovative designs Samsung has introduced is the Flex Duo oven.

Here are two of the bestselling models:

NX58K7850SS - 30" Stainless Steel Sealed Burner Range – Convection

NX58K7850SS Best price online

NX58K7850SG - 30" Black Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Range – Convection


Best price online

It’s really the ultimate in oven use flexibility. I've listed some of the manufacturer’s bullet points below.

Samsung Flex Duo with Dual Door

  • Flex Duo with Dual Door design provides ultimate cooking flexibility
  • Two independent temperature controls
  • Two independent convection systems
  • Separated by removable Smart Divider
  • Access just the top compartment or the full oven with the center-hinged door
  • Dual Convection
  • Large Oven Capacity - 5.8 cu. ft.
  • 4 cu. ft. upper
  • 3 cu. ft. lower
  • Gliding Oven Rack

Samsung Oven Innovations

The Smart Divider is the key here, allowing you to transform the one large oven into two smaller ones, and back again at will.

The oven doors are soft close, meaning they catch the door a few centimeters before it closes to avoid slamming.

The oven also allows for bread proofing for bakers.

Plus the range features a powerful 5 burner cooktop configuration with a wok grate and reversible griddle accessory.

In addition to that, the power burner is a scorching 18,000 BTUs.


All of this adds up to a cooking range that is a great value, with power and unique flexibility that I feel is the best value in the Samsung cooking line.

Check out either the NX58K7850SS or the NX58K7850SG today.

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