75+ Ways to Be More Adventurous

Do you constantly feel bored or unenthused about life? Do you feel like your days keep dragging on in an endless stream? Do your weeks blur together because you’re caught in the same old routine? Maybe you need to add more of a sense of excitement or adventure to your life.

As we get older, it’s more common to favor comfort and predictability over taking risks, but studies have shown that seeking out novelty and being curious are good for your brain. Of course, learning how to plan ahead can be critical, but too much of an insistence on coloring in the lines can dim the flame of adventure that burns within you.

This post will help you reclaim your sense of childlike wonder. You’ll feel more pumped to get out of bed each morning to greet the new day and whatever surprises it may hold.

75+ Ways to Be More Adventurous

Prepare for Adventure

1. Determine your idea of adventure. Remember, there is no rigid definition of "adventure"; it’s all relative. Getting out on a Saturday night may be adventurous to you if you’re generally a homebody, while for someone else it might be going out dirt biking.

2. Ignore expectations or comparisons. Just because you know someone who has met celebrities, gone on African safaris, or ridden barrels over waterfalls, that doesn't mean you have to. Choose adventures that will enrich you personally, not just things that you think will make you look impressive to others.

3. Begin by taking small steps. If you haven't been living very adventurously up until this point, you may need to start small. That is completely okay. Little by little, you'll reach the level of excitement you want for your life.

4. Be present. The easiest way to start is to live intentionally, fully engaging with the world around you in each moment. Don't let regrets from the past or worries about the future hinder your zeal for life right now.

5. Change your thinking habits. Don't go into certain activities or situations with assumptions about how they will turn out. Be more open-minded about how things will play out.

6. Learn how to better manage your time. Waste less of your time watching television or browsing social media so you can free up your schedule for adventure.


7. Bolster your confidence. Shyness or insecurity will do their best to prevent you from taking worthwhile risks, but you need to learn to push past those toward what you really want.

8. Stop standing in your own way. Don’t make excuses for your inaction. Don’t say things like “I’m not the kind of person who…” because those phrases are unnecessarily confining. How do you know you can't do something or won't like something unless you try?

9. Live in a constant state of wonder. Seek out new reasons to appreciate the world around you every day. Believe that adventure can be found everywhere if you're looking for it.

10. Get excited. Don’t live passively. Start each day with the right attitude, and soon enough your enthusiasm will be infectious.

11. Change up your routine. Put a new twist on your daily activities. It can be big or small, from the way you get ready in the morning to how you spend your evening after work. Try to keep from falling into predictability.

12. Gradually broaden your comfort zone. Now that you are prepared to embark on this thrilling journey, step up your game a little. After all, an element of uncertainty or the unknown are what define adventure.

try new foods

13. Be receptive to new experiences. Opportunities and inspiration for adventure can be found everywhere if you approach your days with open eyes and an open mind.

14. Say “yes” more often. Don't say "no" automatically because it's the easier choice. The next time you are invited to something if there's no good reason why you shouldn't join in, respond with an emphatic "yes."

15. Try something you had never considered or pictured yourself doing before. It could be baking a soufflé or salmon fishing in Alaska. Who knows, you might end up liking it!

16. Be spontaneous. Make some impulsive decisions. Take a different route home, buy your wife flowers just because, or perform a random act of kindness.

17. Revisit old ambitions or create new ones. Do you have any dreams from your youth that you've long since abandoned? Dig them back up and set about pursuing them! Don't let cynicism or self-doubt keep them buried.

18. Dream big. Make goals that seem unrealistic or unattainable. There is no limit to what you can achieve if you are willing to work hard.

19. Do things that scare you. Go ahead and face your fears head-on. Ask yourself "what is the worst that could happen?"


20. Find a role model you’d like to emulate. It could be a friend, family member, inspirational blogger, or movie star. If you admire them for their bold personality or extensive travels, figure out how you can imitate them in your own life.

21. Surround yourself with adventurous people. Don’t let people who are stuck in a rut or whose lives have stagnated influence your decisions.

22. Make small financial changes to budget for your adventures. Stop splurging on Starbucks every morning or getting take-out so often so those savings can be poured into something else. You'd be surprised at how much these things can build up over time.

23. Invest in experiences, not possessions. What will leave you feeling more fulfilled, yet another pair of shoes or a ticket to see one of your favorite bands in concert? Surrounding yourself with material things is not the key to happiness.

24. Don’t let the little things get you down. Sometimes people will be uncooperative, and sometimes plans will fall through. Don’t waste your time fretting when it is beyond your control. Move on to something uplifting that’ll invigorate you again.

25. Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Don't punish yourself for screwing up, for an awkward introduction to a beautiful woman or a recipe that turns out to be a flop. Choose to see every small failure as a learning experience.

Liz Carroll Goedeker's Home Life

Some Ideas You Could Try

Now that you are ready to take the plunge toward a life more adventurous, here are some specific suggestions you could try out! And remember, not all of these things will appeal to all people. Consider this list a way to get the gears turning and help you start brainstorming adventures that will fit your schedule and stage in life.

26. Try an unusual new food.

27. Discover new music.

28. Find something to laugh about. Start following a blogger you think is funny, watch a stand-up routine, or even go see a comedian live.

29. Make a new recipe.

30. Actually, try to make one of those crafts you found on Pinterest.

31. Redecorate or rearrange a room in your house.

32. Get a makeover.

33. Wear an outfit that is so dressy or daring that you don’t feel like you can pull off.

34. Join a sports team.

35. Get involved in community theatre or choir.

36. Attend a book signing or poetry reading.

37. Go to a concert.

38. Check out a nerdy convention.

39. Go social skydiving, striking up conversations with strangers and seeing where they lead.

Go to a concert

40. Become a tourist in your own town. Hit up restaurants you haven't tried or peruse independent shops instead of big-name stores.

41. Try out some free events in your area, such as outdoor festivals, art shows, or museum exhibitions.

42. Go to social events alone.

43. Get a tattoo.

44. Stretch your mind.

45. Start learning a new language

46. Go back to school.

47. Write a book. It could be about anything you want – a novel, a memoir, a play, or a guide.

48. Make art, even if you can't draw or don't think you have the skill.

49. Become an activist for a cause you believe in.

50. Go for a drive and get lost.

51. Travel to that place you’ve always wanted to visit, whether it is somewhere outside of your state...

52. ... somewhere outside of the country...

53. ... or even somewhere outside of the continent!

54. Ride a rollercoaster.

55. Run a marathon.

rock climbing

56. Take dance classes.

57. Go hiking...

58. ... snorkeling...

59. ... surfing...

60. ... rock-climbing...

61. ... zip-lining...

62. ... skydiving...

63. ... bungee-jumping...

64. ... hang-gliding...

65. ... mountain climbing...

66. ... or any of these various outdoor activities.

meet new people and socialize

67. Adopt a pet.

68. Sing karaoke.

69. Start gardening or grow plants in your home.

70. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

71. Host a gathering at your house.

72. Organize a progressive dinner.

73. Ask for a raise at work.

74. Start your own side hustle.

75. Or investigate these 100 ideas for even more things you could try!

Living more adventurously will not happen instantaneously. As with most things in life, it's a gradual process. But over time, you will break free from the heaviness of monotony and regain your passion for life!

What are some ways you add a bit of adventure to your life every day? We'd love to hear them! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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