7 Kitchen Island Benefits

For many, a kitchen island seems unnecessary. For others, it's a must-have. In my opinion, the only people who wouldn't want a kitchen island are those who have never experienced the convenience of having one. Whether you're building a new home, renovating your kitchen, or looking for a way to add functionality, here are seven benefits of having an island in your kitchen.
Beach Style Kitchen by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Yvonne McFadden LLC

1. More Workspace

If you're like most people, the kitchen is a central hub for family activity. The kids arrive home from school and head straight to the refrigerator for a snack. They set up their tablets and laptops and start playing games. You're trying to fix dinner. It can be madness trying to find space for all the separate activities. A kitchen island gives you more space to spread out, whether cooking or working on a science fair project. 

Contemporary Kitchen by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Frederick + Frederick Architects

2. More Seating

Another benefit of kitchen islands is additional seating. An island with a bar adds convenience you never realized was available. The kids can eat a quick breakfast, do their homework, or paint the next Starry NightIf additional seating is needed when hosting a party, the island bar has you covered!

Beach Style Kitchen by Beverly Interior Designers & Decorators Siemasko + Verbridge

3. Extra Storage

Depending on what type you want, an island can offer a lot of extra storage space. You can store Tupperware or small appliances like toasters, blenders, and waffle makers. It's also a great place to store the random things you need every day. Some call it a junk drawer, where you put tape, scissors, batteries, matches, and other odds and ends. Nevertheless, an island can be everything to all - a table, a storage space, or a desk!

Traditional Kitchen by Osterville Kitchen & Bath Designers Artisan Kitchens LLC

4. Flexibility

A kitchen island doesn't have to be in one permanent spot. Like the picture below, an island with wheels can become a flexible workspace that can adjust to your needs. You can buy an island to suit your needs at a fairly low price!

Modern Kitchen by Brooklyn Architects & Building Designers Leone Design Studio

5. Additional Kitchen Amenities

Sometimes, an island can be a harbor for more kitchen amenities. Maybe you're thinking about adding an additional induction cooktop or convection oven. A kitchen island is a perfect place to install new appliances.

Traditional Kitchen by Pasadena General Contractors Reaume Construction & Design

6. More Electrical Outlets

An island can be a great way to add more electrical outlets in your kitchen without plugging up the walls. Considering you'll probably use the island as a cooking area, it's great to install the outlets near the top, so you can plug in whatever small appliance you might need. An island with plug-ins makes life so much easier. I always think back to times when I've needed to use my hand mixer while making cookies, and how I wish I had an island with electrical outlets because my counter is already full.

Traditional Kitchen by Mercer Island Architects & Building Designers

7. A Butcher Block

Another benefit of certain islands is the butcher block table. My grandma has one in her home and I envy her at least once a day while cooking. A butcher block gives you a ready-to-use cutting board at all times! It can work as a table, usually has drawers, and is full of charm. They're portable too!

Eclectic Kitchen by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Andre Rothblatt Architecture
What do you think? Could you live without your kitchen island? Is it worth investing in? Let me know in the comments below!

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