5 Ways to Build a Breathtaking Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool Oasis

My favorite part of summer is relaxing by the pool. I love that my apartment complex has an Olympic-sized pool that offers plenty of room to lay out and enjoy the sunshine. The landscaping around it gives the essence of an oasis. There are few things more relaxing than that.

Some pools feel out-of-date and barren. If you find yourself unable to enjoy the beauty of your backyard pool, there is hope. You can transform your pool into your own private, tropical oasis. Here's a list of ways that can help you create a relaxing getaway spot right outside your door.

Build a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is meant to keep dirt and water from entering your pool, but it can also offer seclusion from the world. The photos below show two contrasting ideas for retaining walls. The first is layered up, making the pool feel intimate and secure; the second is used as part of the pool wall. Both are simple and beautiful.

Add Fountains or Waterfalls

When I see photos of waterfalls and translucent greenish-blue water,  I feel at peace. Why not bring that peaceful vibe into your backyard with a pool fountain or waterfall? The two photos below are amazing ways to incorporate falling water into the space, which brings me to my next idea...

Add Lots of Rocks

They say if something isn't working for you, throw rocks at it. If your pool is pathetic, let's try the rock idea! Rocks can create the feeling of an island paradise.

Surround the Pool With Plants and Foliage

I understand that changing locations isn't always an option, but look at these pools! The native grasses, trees, rocks, and flowers make these pools the ultimate getaways.

Build a Privacy Fence or Wall

A private getaway isn't really private if the neighbors can see you. Creating some sort of privacy wall will give you the intimate setting you are searching for. Then you can lounge on your cushioned patio chairs all day long without the fear of prying eyes!

What do you think? Do these pools inspire you? You can find more awesome backyards in our articles "23 Ways to Improve Your Backyard" and "19 Backyards That Will Blow Your Mind."

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