2015 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual Public Service College Book Scholarship 1st Honorable Mention

We are so excited to announce these Public Service Scholarship winners. We love offering a scholarship to those that have sacrificed and worked hard for those who can't. From the non-profits to military members, this scholarship is for those who have served in a way that many have not. Thank you to all the applicants for all they have done and to those who have family members that have served the public sector. The two honorable mentions will receive $100.

Without any further wait, here is our first Public Service Scholarship honorable mention.

1st Public Service Scholarship Honorable Mention: Jason Hall

Jason Hall

Jason is a correctional officer for the Arizona Department of Corrections and a biochemistry student at Arizona State University. His passions are in science, education, and playing guitar. He enjoys reading books on subjects ranging from evolutionary biology to astronomy. He is also an aquarium hobbyist. He has two large aquariums that are home to several African cichlids.

Here is an excerpt from his essay:

"It is ironic that as a troubled teenager I would end up excelling as a correctional officer who has a passion for science. As a teenager I had multiple encounters with the police, I hung around all the wrong people, and I dropped out of high school – the odds were against me. Fortunately for me, I prevailed by beating the odds and changed my life for the better.

I have been a correctional officer now for close to three years, and let me tell you that there is never a dull moment. There are days that are stressful and downright disgusting, and there are days that are action packed and full of excitement. I do enjoy my job. What I enjoy most, however, is that I can encourage so many people who have made bad decisions to make changes in their lives that will benefit them upon their release back into society. By doing so, they may overcome the odds, just as I did. One of the ways I do this is by educating them about what helped change my life, science."

We wish Jason all the best in his pursuits at Arizona State University! 

Come by tomorrow to see the second honorable mention!



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