2015 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship 2nd Honorable Mention

Yesterday, we announced the first honorable mention winner, Marin Britten, for our Annual College Book Scholarship. Today, we announce the second! The two honorable mentions will be awarded $100, and the top winner will be awarded $500.

2nd Honorable Mention: Laura Kooistra

Laura Kooistra

Laura will be starting medical school this year at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. She attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate education. Laura majored in Neuroscience with a minor in Sociocultural Anthropology. She grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan. In her free time, she loves to run, hike, and play volleyball.

Here is an excerpt from her essay:

"Sitting cross-legged on the floor of a hospital room, I applied the second layer of bright red paint to a cardboard train caboose. I was working with a young patient who had intricately constructed a cardboard train to fit around his wheelchair. As we worked together to put the finishing touches on the 4-foot by 6-foot train, the second coat of paint successfully masked the “50 mL Syringe” label on the empty box that was transforming into a caboose. He complimented my brush strokes and reminded me to avoid dripping paint on my volunteer uniform. When the time came for his next respirator treatment, he insisted that I continue painting while he supervised. As I painted, the young boy told me of his dreams to someday become an engineer. His words revealed that he was not intimidated by the obstacles of his disease and was solely focused on his aspirations. I was inspired by his spirit, and I wished to do everything in my power to help this young boy accomplish his dream.

It is moments such as this that inspired my dream of becoming a physician. I recently spent many hours volunteering with patients at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s hospital. My interactions with patients were exceptionally inspiring. These volunteering experiences have allowed me to realize that I find nothing to be more meaningful than improving the lives of other people."

We wish Laura the best in medical school. We know she will go far!

Make sure to check back in tomorrow to see the winner for the $500 scholarship!

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