2015 Goedeker’s Appliances Annual College Book Scholarship 1st Honorable Mention

With over 2,500 entries for our Annual College Book Scholarship, this is the second year we've offered and awarded three special people with our book scholarship. Click here to see last year's winners. It was difficult to narrow so many excellent entries down to just three winners. There were hundreds of well-written essays from people with inspiring stories that touched our hearts.

With our scholarship, we offer two honorable mention slots that are awarded $100, and the top winner receives $500.

So without any hesitation, we announce our first honorable mention.

1st Honorable Mention: Marin Britten

Marin Britten

Marin is enrolled in the College of Southern Nevada majoring in Biological Sciences. She intends to get her graduate degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  Having grown up in the circus and still performing acrobatics nightly in Las Vegas, she hopes to go into the field of Sports Medicine.

Here is an excerpt from her essay:

"I am in the circus. I fly through the air for a living. This time though, something is off. Like all circus performers sometimes do, tonight I have made a mistake. Perhaps itʼs a trick of the lights, or a fragment of thought that throws off my timing. Whatever it is, that secure grip never comes.

So... I fall.

Yet still I am caught. I am caught by the trapeze net, yes, but I have so much more to cushion my landing. I have the support of those who have spent years studying how the human body works; how it heals. All of my circus career, I have benefited from the learning of those in the field of medicine. I have been caught this way over and over again. If I am injured, physiotherapists teach me how to heal. If I am broken, doctors and surgeons put me back together. I always did my job. They did theirs. It never occurred to me that it would need to be any other way."

We wish Marin all the best in her future pursuits.

Tune in tomorrow for the second honorable mention announcement!

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