13 Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

A few weeks ago, I moved into a new apartment. As a recent college graduate, I have a lot of low-end decor. While moving stuff into my new place, I kept telling myself, "This is my chance to start fresh and decorate with style." The only problem: lack of money. So I did what any blogger would do. I started researching interior design ideas for apartments. How could I make my new home look welcoming and expensive without spending a fortune? After much searching, I found these 13 ideas repeated among design gurus.

1. Move Furniture Away From the Walls

If living in a small space, it would seem that shoving everything up against a wall would create more space. However, when a wall has no room to breathe, neither will the space. Pulling furniture pieces about three inches away from the walls will open up the room and make the living area feel cozier.

2. Frame Poster Art

Art posters, no matter the subject or medium, are an awesome way to add class to your home. However, if left unframed, a poster looks tacky and cheap. Spend a little money to buy a sleek frame to enhance and add value to your walls.

3. Fresh Cut Flowers or Plants

Healthy living plants add an earthy, organic vibe to your home. A plant placed in a sleek, dark container can make that vibe feel rich and mature. Add an elegant vase full of fresh cut beauties, and your home will instantly feel lavish.

4. New Hardware

It's amazing the difference a few simple hardware upgrades can make. Buying a new door knob, light switch plates and outlet covers, or cabinet knobs can enhance the look and feel of your home drastically.

5. Hang Curtains High

Mounting curtains closer to the ceiling gives the illusion of a taller room and allows more light to shine through, brightening the space. A couple of things to remember: make sure the curtains hang to the floor and choose a solid color to avoid making the room feel too busy.

6. Fresh Paint

Nothing makes a home look dingier than a poor paint job with scuffs, scratches, and dirt spattered across the walls. Adding fresh paint can spiff up a room in no time! Choose a color that will complement your furniture and style, or stay neutral for a cleaner look.

7. Area Rugs

Some might tell you to never cover your hardwood floors, but adding a large rug to a living area helps create a dedicated space. It also adds warmth to the cold floor. If your house is covered in wall-to-wall carpet, an area rug can be a great way to add variety and style, especially if the carpet is less than stellar.

8. Lighting

How old is that lamp on the end table? Is the shade yellowing, torn, or tattered? Does it look cheap? Lighting accessories can greatly affect how expensive your home feels versus how expensive it actually is. Invest in mature lighting that evokes a look of quality rather than cheap fixtures and shades. If your house feels dark, invest in a floor lamp that will add luxury.

9. Declutter

In the home, less is almost always more. A room full of knick-knacks and loud art can be overwhelming and stressful. Take some time to go through your house and throw out unnecessary items that hold little value. If you can't bear to part with something that is unsightly, put it in storage. Take some time to spiff up furniture, cabinets, and light a candle or two. The added breathing room will make your home feel new and rich.

10. Fancy Coffee Table Books

While having a minimalist attitude is helpful, adding some smart books to your coffee table is an instant way to add that uptown feel to your home. This is the one time you should judge a book by its cover. Look for covers that use colors complementing your interior space. You'll only need a few. Too many books will have the opposite effect of disorganization and clutter.

11. New Linens

Purchasing fresh, new linens is a quick way to make your home feel ritzy. Replace patterned sheets with solid, base colors. Fluffier pillows look and feel more luxurious than drab ones, not to mention, an old pillow is nasty. If your towels and washcloths are tattered, torn, or mismatched, replace them with a uniform set. You can cut the old ones up and use them as rags.

12. Streamline Storage

An unorganized kitchen or bathroom looks messy. Purchase matching storage containers to hide your flour and sugars. Hide small appliances in drawers or cabinets, unless they look striking and make a statement. In the bathroom, stick to one design. Buy the matching trash can, soap dispenser, shower curtain, and tooth brush holder. Matching pieces make a room look put together.

13. Redo Furniture

Antiques can make a space feel like old money, but crusty, decrepit furniture is no good! If you have furniture in your home that needs a solid rehab, do it. If there's no hope for the item, sell it or throw it away. Junky furniture can suck the life out of a room. Do not be afraid to let it go.

Are there any other ways to make a home feel more expensive than it really is? We'd love to hear it. Share your ideas in the comments below!

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