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Big Game Super Savings

For football fans across the country, this is the day you've been waiting for. It’s a time to gather around the TV with your family and friends, munch on finger foods, and cheer for your favorite team. It’s a day that creates a sense of community – or good-natured competition if you happen to be rooting for different teams. Whichever the case, chances are that when the TV is turned off for the night, you’ll be happy and back to being friends again.

Here at Goedeker’s, we want to give you something more to yell about than that awesome touchdown you just saw or how delicious the meatballs are that your neighbor brought over. This weekend, the big game also means big savings!

Wouldn't you like new kitchen appliances that better cook your game day foods? Or what about a more comfortable sofa where you can plant yourself for hours while you watch the game? Maybe even a more efficient washing machine that’ll help rid your clothes of those pesky barbecue sauce stains? You can find deals on these things and much more thanks to Goedeker’s unbelievable sale prices.

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